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Hello Lester Unega Waya

Unfortinutaly the link you provided is broken.

Please repost it.



Here you go Chris 


鄧麗君 愛像一首歌

Love is like a song Teresa Teng 

你好 Davy

Many thanks for helping Chris. It is much appreciated.



Thanks, but it sort of reminds me of that English guy "Simon Cowell" and the "got tallent series.

【古琴】《不染》GuQin(Chinese traditional instrument)

Some of this may be part of the colonial era in China. Else it would have ehrus instead of violins

What do I know about Chinese musical Instruments - nothing!

Even more over produced.

テレサ・テン 鄧麗君 『漫步人生路(ひとり上手)』

? Help with the print. Vietnamese, or TAI?

石嶺聡子 ひとり上手

Cross translating from Japanese to English using Google Translator seems to mean "Stone Dumpling."

Please help with the language written word and translation - thanks.


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