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I've done lots of wok cooking.

Me too. I started in 2014 and I would never be without it. Best thing ever invented.

So good!

I'm not a great cook myself but stir fry is so easy and tasty

你好 Stephen

I am not as good as those on Master Chef, but since I had a wok, things have not been the same since.

And always looks so appetizing..

If you can't taste the steel in the food from the wok the stove isn't hot enough.

Perhaps a single propaine gas stove is better to use for a WOK than an electric stove.


I knew some people who had self heated (plut in) electric woks.  I don't think they get hot enough either.

I have a flat bottom  compostite wok I purchased from Macy's.  I works okay on the electric stove.

There is something about the steel taste from real Asian (Chinese) food that makes it real.

If I may,

Cooking in a Wok should be done quick and very hot.  The Wok should almost be red before adding the ingredients - to get that steel taste. 

For the most part good (Authentic) Chineese Asian food cant be cooked at home because the temperature of the stove isn't hot enough.


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