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Watched a lot of Simply Ming when it was on tv.

I steam fish. 

Thanks for the link for lining the steamer.

I looked for a bamboo brush to clean out a Wok south of  where there is a large Asian community.  None of the family stores had tham.     I''ll more than likely have to go to China Town San Francisco to get one.


Re; bamboo wok brush.

Amazon USA has wok brushes. I just looked there

I steamed some fish this evening - being unattentive, ruined it so need another babmoo steamer as well.

Strange as many Phillipinoes as there are in the area non of the stores  had a bamboo brush.

I don't want to have to order a wok bursh or bamboo steamer over the internet. 

It seems they should be readily available at a local store.

This enclave is so caucasian and has become so corporate that getting many things outside of the commercial space is difficult.


Instead of looking in retail stores, look for a wholesaler restaurants use.  I get my stuff from a small shop that does wholesale and retail

I don't drive much.

Perhaps I could get a friend of mine to take me to China Town in San Francisco.

There are some neat places there.


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