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The thoughtless adoption of new technologies seduces us into providing more of our personal selves without any concerns for the protection of our personal data, argues Katina Michael an associate professor in the School of Information Systems and Technology at the University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia.

Embedded sensors provide us with a range of conveniences that many of us take for granted in our everyday life.

They first appeared in static items — everything from auto-flushing the common lavatory to auto-dispensing of soap and water for hand-washing.

Then these sensors — for identification, location, condition monitoring, point-of-view and more — were embedded in mobile objects. Our vehicles, tablets, smart phones, even contact-less smart cards say a lot about our behaviours, traits, likes and dislikes as we lug them around with us everywhere we go.

In a way, we've become an extension of these technological breakthroughs. The devices we carry take on a life of their own — sending binary data up and down stream in the name of better connectivity, awareness, and ambient intelligence.

But it seems we want more — or at least that is what the tech giants are leading us to believe.

Life-logging: Devices like Google Glass make computers part of the human interface, but what are the implications of being constantly connected to the 'web of things'

Read the full article here Wearable computers challenge Human Rights

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