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Science would not exist without an innate spirituality driven by a sense of wonder about the natural world, writes Paul Willis.

Early this year my seven-year-old son Chester began his current obsession with the computer game Minecraft. It seems he got this bug from school and we soon had copies downloaded onto iPhones and iPads so he could play along despite some reservations about getting involved with computer games.

More recently, I decided to take an active interest in the game, play it a bit to see what's going on, and I actually like what I see. It's only doing what I did as a kid with Lego and building model villages but it's inside a computer.

It brought back a strong memory of how important it was to have a little world of my own to control and play in — kids still don't have much power in the real world. And I also like the way Minecraft encourages Chester into problem solving and design. While I'm still concerned about the morbid fascination with killing zombies, I appreciate that the games offers a lot more than that.

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