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Bill Donohue speaks to CNN

Catholic League President Bill Donohue got a course on modern marriage from CNN host Chris Cuomo on Thursday after he claimed that Christians should be allowed to discriminate against LGBT people because love was never meant to be part of marriage.

In an interview on CNN, Cuomo pressed Donohue on why laws like Arizona’s recently-vetoed SB 1062 were necessary if no business in the state had ever been forced to serve a gay or lesbian person.

“If they’re so discriminated against, how come they make more money than straight people on average?” Donohue argued. “Is somebody being denied, at Applebee’s, a hamburger?”

“That’s the exact right question, but it’s the reverse,” Cuomo observed. “Can you point out a business that was made a substantial burden religiously because of what they had to do vis-à-vis a gay person?”

When the CNN host asked how wedding photographers being required to treat LGBT people equally was a “substantial burden to your Catholic faith,” Donohue came back to the issue of marriage.


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