Gay-hating Family Research Council, now labeled a hate group rather than carrying the Christian branding of being a loving faith-based group, has yet another epic fail on their sweaty social media hands. Their latest campaign, Call 2 Fall complaining about marriage and the repeal of DOMA using hip cool internet lingo is the most hysterically wrong-thinking ad since, well their last one.

Call 2 Fall. On our knees for America. I’m in.

WTF?  Who thought this was a good idea? Are there secretly pro-gay people, maybe clever queens in their midst undermining their anti-LGBTQ message? I only ask because the last hater push using catchy interwebs slang was from NOM and called 2M4M – me... Ooh la-la!

Whenever I see the word


in any kind of vaguely sexually context it brings to mind Shakespeare’s racy line from Romeo and Juliet, Act I.

“Yea,” quoth he, “dost thou fall upon thy face?
Thou wilt fall backward when thou hast more wit

This image from Family Research Council, Call 2 Fall Call 2 FAIL, clearly suggests fellatio followed by modified doggie style intercourse.

I’m in!

HT: John Aravosis/Americablog