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Bahraini Intellectual Describes the Problems in the Muslim World 

 Men like this give me hope for the Middle East.

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I wonder how many of him are around that can manage to stay alive & influence some of the youth?

Reading is ESSENTIAL, & when I see religion discouraging reading & learning, it burns my butt!

Its frightening, all round.


As Atheists we can't always accuse people of being insane because they might believe in a god and a after life and in his case we should give our support for wanting to reform his religion into something less dangerous to the world and more accepting of the modern world.

Caair Char.

Religious thinking.

I lived in a minor area  where in that region  - we didn't know anything outsid of the 'universe' we lived.

That and thoese pieieces of of shit should - perhaps have  some educations presented to their universes.


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