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Mock border wall separates campus at the University of Arizona

This is an article written by my dear friend Alex. This wall was erected by No Mas Muertes (No More Deaths), a local non-profit group dedicated to immigration reform and providing humanitarian aid to those brave enough to risk their lives for something better.


We live very close to the human side of the immigration issue, and it's not pretty. Visit the poetry group to see the poem I wrote about this very harsh reality. One, it doesn't work. Our tax dollars are paying for this monstrosity and you can go to Youtube and see any number of videos of people scaling it in under a minute. Two, hundreds of people die a year trying to seek a better life so they can pay for medication their wife needs or to feed their children. They don't want to leave their families and come here anymore than those crying about them coming here and taking our jobs. Well, they wouldn't come here for jobs if they weren't being hired. No, people should not be here illegally, but the gov't shot down the guest worker program and makes it impossible for our friends to come here under legal pretenses and the process to do so is undeniably painful and takes a very long time. Arizona is a landmine for racism and hatred and it's only going to get worse before it gets better.

The attached photos I took.


TUCSON - In what is considered the longest mock border wall in the United States, the faculty, staff and students at the University of Arizona are now finding how inconvenient and inhumane it is to have a wall separating human beings from one another.

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So sad.
Good initiative! No más muertes, I like the name. Good idea about the mock wall, it does convey the idea better than words.
WHAT? How can giving water to someone be illegal? That is the most insane shit I heard of lately!

Thanks for the photos and thoughts. I ashamedly have no concept of the wall and the suffering involved. AZ news doesn't quite make it to MI, and I think they'd rather keep it quiet.


I have a family member who has a "protect our borders" bumper sticker on his car, I'm sure he has no idea about the reality.


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