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Growing Our Power (to Produce Results)


Growing Our Power (to Produce Results)

As newborns we cried and others responded with attention or food. Though helpless, we produced results. As we grew up we produced results in more ways; we grew our power.
What were/are our experiences? Did/Do others help or harm our efforts?

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STEP SEVEN, in which my 'baby brother' made all of these steps possible.

Started by Tom Sarbeck 8 hours ago. 0 Replies

Days after the US Navy made me civilian again I started in a local college's pre-engineering program. My baby brother was =seven. I didn't know the depths to which seven-year-old boys could go.[To be…Continue

STEP SIX (To see the early steps click the 'View All' below.)

Started by Tom Sarbeck on Tuesday. 0 Replies

By about eight, children are making agreements on what they will or won't allow in their activities and relationships.

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Started by Tom Sarbeck. Last reply by Chris on Tuesday. 1 Reply

A four-year-old boy who lived in the next house watched each day as I built a kayak in my back yard. One day, as seriously as he could be, he told me he was shot when he was fourteen. He didn't seem…Continue


Started by Tom Sarbeck on Monday. 0 Replies

Says a five year old one day, "I want to zip up my own coat!" or "I want to tie my own shoes!"Surprised, a parent might say, "I never explained how to do that."Children watch, learn, and one day want…Continue

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Comment by Tom Sarbeck 9 hours ago
A family's first children, especially the oldest, have to teach two adults how to be parents. My 18-month older sister did most of the work; my 14-month younger brother and I did some of it. Twelve and fifteen years later two more, a girl and then a boy, joined the family.

Decades later after our parents had died, the five of us had reunions. At one reunion the two youngest said they'd stayed out of trouble by watching their older sister and brothers. My 'baby brother' was nearing 40 and said, "I was about 14 when dad made a move to hit me. I told him, "You hit me and I'll hit you back. ...."

"Good for you!" I interrupted, too happy to let him finish. "When I was 14 he was still playing basketball and would have won."
Comment by Chris on Tuesday

My Uncle worked throughout the world at American Universities as a linguist. He was stationed, or worked in Japan post war. He met and married a Japanese woman - Machi. He and she were both wornderfull people.  I understand that many of my family members shuned him for marrying a Japanese woman.   My parents weren't prejudice so my Uncle, Gordon his wife Machi, and their children visited us often when I was young.

I don't understand racial prejudice.

Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein wrote great scores and songs. South Pacific is a good play/movie/musical, about racial prejudice.

Many musicians of that era such as Yip Harburg (Somewhere over the Rainbow) were blacklisted.

I agree with the song that you have to be taught how to hate.
Comment by Tom Sarbeck on Tuesday
Chris, do you recall that song from the musical South Pacific, 'You Have to be Taught to Hate'?
Steps 1 and 2 here are about speaking to oppose such as the xian id movement and saying "No" to them. Later steps will help more.
Comment by Chris on Tuesday

The Christian Identity Movement is another group I find scary.

How many Catholics subscribe to the Army of God, or Christian Identity Movement?

Comment by Chris on Tuesday

It would be interesting to read stories about people who left religion and found indepenence and became adult independent thinkers.

I heard something about "The Army of God" Summer school. There was a documentary about it.

The following may not be the the best representation of The Army of Good Summer school I read about.

Comment by Tom Sarbeck on Sunday
The age of reason?
When I was in RC schools (1937-1949) the nuns said it was seven years.
At 13, via the sacrament they call Confirmation, they inducted us into "The Army of God". That was its real name.
Comment by Tom Sarbeck on Sunday
@Chris. "Do you want contributors who left religion and authoritarian parents?"

Yes. It was authoritarian religion (Catholicism) and authoritarian parents using emotional and/or physical violence that blocked my early efforts to grow my power.
Comment by Tom Sarbeck on Sunday
Thanks, Chris and Neal. It appears to be working.

Reverse order: 3, 2, 1 is okay. I will mark the steps plainly.
Comment by Chris on Sunday

This group has potential.

Do you want contributors who left religioun and authoritarian parents?

If so there are many who should interact and tell their stories.

My understanding is that Catholics have someting called an age of reason which is about age 13. How does that work?

Comment by Neal on Saturday

I'll be watching.


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