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I was 21 and didn't know the depths to which a seven-year-old brother would go.

I came home from the Navy with a jar of coins from the countries I'd been to and right away started in the nearby two-year college. One night I was studying for an exam and my brother found the jar. He came to me and asked about the coins. "Stop! I need to study." He stopped only when I foolishly told him, "If you won't bother me for a year you can have them!" He left and I forgot.

You probably don't know these seven steps you've seen. I hope you've been doing them. They and three more you will see are important rights you have. If you want your rights.

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Yes, after he finished hs and went to U of F after I finished there. I don't know when or how. I seldom saw him until '76 when I came to SF. He and wife and daughter were in SJ. I ssked him what happened to the coins and he said he'd lost them somewhere.

Do you remember anything like one of these steps? Maybe first wanting to tie your own shoes, or talking with other kids about the rules for your games?


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