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A four-year-old boy who lived in the next house watched each day as I built a kayak in my back yard. One day, as seriously as he could be, he told me he was shot when he was fourteen. He didn't seem to care if I heard or believed him.

I wondered if at that age kids know the difference between what they imagine and what they hear or see. I would learn later that at six or seven they stop their practice talking and start negotiating with their friends for what they want. They take another step in growing their power.

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I posted about a guy I met who was in the Navy. He had tatoos of Jesus and other xtian tatoo items on his arms.

He was home schooled and didn't know others thought differently until he was in the Navy and met other sailors and explored the world around him.  He told me that he felt betraid by his parents and the xtian community he was brought up with.

He was in - I'd guess in his mid twenties. I felt sorry for him and his lack of worldness. Fortunately he was able to get away from the stifulling religious environment he was raised in. The Navy offered him that oppertunity.

With Betty De Vos and other home schooler proponents some, if not many may be stuck in religious institutuons through college.  There are numerous xtian colleges in the U.S.

Unfortunately some who've attended Liberty University and other xtian schools are elected to Congress, the Senate, and become Judges.


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