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My brother at seven heard me promise to give him the coins in a year.

At eight he did what eight-and-nine-year-olds do, he insisted that I keep my promise.

In a few more years I would be elected president of a club and and one of its elected directors would raise a point of order to challenge a decision I'd made.

And you?

You require others to comply with commitments they'd made, don't you?

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For years I've told live audiences that these steps are described in one of our language's most difficult-to-understand books: Robert's Rules of Order. I usually include in my talk that the Greek historian Thucidides described one of these steps in his History of the Peloponnesian Wars.

In short, as children grow their power they create parliamentary law. Without it, democracy does not exist.

More soon.

Recently Mitch McConnell changed house rules to deny a 2/3'd vote for Supreme Court Justice.

That in itself should show that Roberts Rules of order and House rules can be changed on a whim. These rules don't matter when the majority can bowl over the minority.

Democracy has been dying and may be dead and replaced by reprepresentative government by the rich.

Anyone who thinks America is a classless society must be brain dead.

The rules can be changed, Chris, but doing so requires more than a whim.

In this case it required the Senate majority. When Democrats are the Senate majority, fifty one of them can confirm a SCOTUS nominee.

Please move your political views, paragraphs 3 and 4, to a political discussion.


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