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The Stand-up Comedy Clip Thread

Started by A Former Member. Last reply by Chris Nov 5, 2016. 10 Replies

Post your favorite stand-up comedian skits here. No limits on content, but if it is NSFW please say so. I like the old-timers.   Here's a Phyllis Diller impersonator.    Continue

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Mexican Flag From Trump Tower in Canada

Started by Mrs.B. Last reply by Stephen Sep 1, 2016. 1 Reply

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LOL Animal Pics

Started by A Former Member. Last reply by Stephen Nov 25, 2015. 54 Replies

Post your favorite LOL animal pics here. You know you've got nothing better to do. …Continue

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Comment by Stephen 8 hours ago

Chris I don't mind childish humour but the fart mask Vid falls through the floor in its inanity. Stevie O is just an idiot. We English love a good fart joke but that's just stupid. 

Comment by Mrs.B 8 hours ago

Yes, Suzanna, those dogs are all beautiful dogs.

We had 2 fathers, Trooper, & Tab, & 2 mothers, Tukkay, & Cheena, but so many pics aren't on this pc.

Comment by Mrs.B 9 hours ago


Comment by Suzanna 12 hours ago

Haha Trump just can't keep his mouth shut can he, how can anyone be so wrong so often.

Mrs.B those puppies and mother are adorable.

Comment by Chris 15 hours ago

A Painful (But Pretty Funny) Irony About California’s New Climate Offensive in China

Suspicion is not far beneath the surface.

On Tuesday, I published a story about California’s governor Jerry Brown vacuuming up climate deals in China in an attempt to fill the void in American leadership on climate change left by the Trump administration. Brown has been on a multi-city tour of China, the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, to promote Golden State know-how, meet ministers, and ink multiple deals.

Overnight, I received an email from Harvard-trained analyst Ella Chou, who focuses on China with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a top government energy research lab in Denver, and was in the room with Jerry Brown in Beijing during an event this week. I had asked Chou what she thought California’s appeal was for China, and if a single state could exert as much pressure over China’s party leadership as could, say, a fully engaged national government.

Her full response is worth reading for insights into what’s next in the US-China climate relationship. Note the painful irony of some Chinese people being suspicious of US actions, given President Trump’s now-famous Tweet calling global warming a Chinese hoax to kill US manufacturing, and his false claim that the Paris agreement allows China to get away with doing nothing. Here is what she wrote, with my emphasis added:

China has an interesting obsession about California. It may be because of its large Asian population, the Silicon Valley wonders, or the Hollywood glamour. Either way, California is definitely one of the first places China looks to for inspiration and role model in terms of clean energy transition.
I think what California does best is “leading by doing.” In that aspect, I think it has been doing a great job by setting high ambitions, encouraging innovations, and welcoming bilateral exchanges. I’m not sure if it would be wise or effective for California to take a more “pushing” or “coercing” approach. There is no shortage of skeptics or conspiracy theorists in China: Once the intention becomes too clear, it may backfire and lead those folks to say “climate change is a U.S. hoax for China to do more and slow down its economic development, while U.S. is doing nothing.” 
Part of what we are currently doing in China is to point them to California and subnational efforts, by the state, private sector, NGOs, research institutes, to say, “Hey, even though our President is pulling out of Paris, there’s a lot of going on still in the U.S., so you guys shouldn’t sit back and be idle.”
Least you forgot see Trumps twitter comment and replies
Comment by Chris 16 hours ago

Fart dangers in space helmit.

Comment by Chris 16 hours ago

Reminds me of the Fox who gave birth under my deck while I was sleeping on it.

If the term "Until death do us part" wasn't included in marriage vows there would be less domestic violence.

Comment by Mrs.B yesterday

The fellow who adopted the blond pup brought him back as an adult for us to see how he looked as a grown up. Beauty!

Comment by Stephen yesterday

Who could refuse to take in one of those darlings

Comment by Mrs.B yesterday

We never had trouble getting good homes for them either. Lovely dogs.


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