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The Stand-up Comedy Clip Thread

Started by A Former Member. Last reply by Stephen Sep 9. 9 Replies

Post your favorite stand-up comedian skits here. No limits on content, but if it is NSFW please say so. I like the old-timers.   Here's a Phyllis Diller impersonator.    Continue

Tags: humor, comedians, stand-up, comedy

Mexican Flag From Trump Tower in Canada

Started by Mrs.B. Last reply by Stephen Sep 1. 1 Reply

In the news…Continue


Started by Mrs.B. Last reply by Stephen Mar 21. 4 Replies

In the news…Continue

LOL Animal Pics

Started by A Former Member. Last reply by Stephen Nov 25, 2015. 54 Replies

Post your favorite LOL animal pics here. You know you've got nothing better to do. …Continue

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Hiroshima 'Shadows' And 4 Other Haunting Historical Remnants

By Ivan Farkas  Published: October 21st, 2016 

15 Dick Moves We're Glad Famous Heroes Didn't Think Of

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5 Horrible Things I Found Out When I Made A Video Game

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Comment by Stephen yesterday

What I cannot understand is why trump is still tweeting every time he Tweets it just shows what a buffoon he is. His aids should have taken his phone from ages ago. 

Comment by Surface of a 4D event horizon! yesterday

Sleeping Beauty? The Prince just started kissing her. Didn't even ask. When you're a prince they let you do it.

Humpty Dumpty took a great fall. He's a dirty Hombre trying to climb over my wall!

Humpty Dumpty, bad hombre folks. He wanted to get on the other side of the wall. Believe me. I will build a higher wall

The "Great" Gatsby. WRONG! Lots of people say I'm the greatest Gatsby. His parties are pitiful. Have you seen Mar-a-Lago?

Faust made the worst deal, probably of all time. Just a terrible, terrible deal. Believe me.Mephistopheles played him. Sad.

Comment by Stephen yesterday


Comment by Stephen yesterday


Comment by Chris on Wednesday

I know some people who only have cell phones.  They have to go outside to get an adequite connection. Letters are better. Maybe that's the way they want to communicate (with me), or their spouce.

Sorry the line is dropping out, or my battery is dying.

I can't imagine how terrible it would be to be young and dating, or first married with the cell (GPS) ankle bracelet (cuffs).

Comment by Chris on Wednesday

I was in a Russian delicatessen a couple years ago in San Francisco. A guy was walking around the deli talking very loud in Russian apparently to an imaginary friend.

My first throught was Fuck Regan for taking credit for the Berlin wall comming down. Why was that guy released here? it being San Francisco and all. 

As I was orderin gsome cured ham, saussage, and cheese I wanted to ask the Ukranian woman at the counter to call 911 to get social services in to help the sociopath who was talking to himself.

After I paid for the deli items he came to back to earth and began talking with the Ukranian butcher at the counter.

Then I noticed he had one of thoes earbud telephones.

None the less it seems like a clue that that guy was if not psychotic, was at least narcicistic because apparently the entire world revolves around him and his ear bud telephone.

Maybe I should give him credit for not caring that he can walk around San Francisco speaking Russian 'to himself' and not care what some 'anglo' thinks about him.

The other day there was a woman walking up the street in front of my house. She had her cell phone at her hip and was yelling into it. The speaker volume was on high so she could carry on the conversation with her girlfriend. It was like a one person parade going up the street

A month or so ago I went to dinner with three friends. A young woman behind our table ate dinner with a cell phone.  She was the loudest customer in the place.

I hate cell phones. My thoughts are "Leave me a message, maybe I'll get back to you."

This is Chris' raw commedy routine in rough draft.  Sorry if you don't like it, or find it humorous.

Comment by Mrs.B on Wednesday


If that kitty is brain washed, I'll eat my shirt.

Comment by Stephen on Wednesday

Mrs.B. here's one for your collection.


Comment by Stephen on Monday

Dandy PickPockets Diving: Scene Near St. James PalaceIsaac Robert Cruikshank / Lewis Walpole Library / Wikimedia

Dandy PickPockets Diving: Scene Near St. James PalaceIsaac Robert Cruikshank / Lewis Walpole Library / Wikimedia
Comment by Tom Sarbeck on Monday

Yes, a cute pup.

All pups are cute and so, with kudos to Mrs. B, there's nothing to say about it but that the man is stupid to think he's saying more than "See how stupid I am?"


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