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Post your favorite LOL animal pics here. You know you've got nothing better to do.






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The cartoonist Larson has really good jokes on animals and humans, it sould amuse a lot of people;  it seems he is gone into hiding, said his editor.... (it's realy a kind of black humour)(not what his editor said).



Like both of those.

Leave me alone!

Is that your kitty Marianne?  Black cats bad luck ya know - haha  Doesn't look at all sinister to me.

Yep, it's the Queen of the house, I feed her, stroke her, the rest of the time she just says, in a cat way, don't bother me... her name is prunelle...

She is beautiful! I love black cats.




WTF! Those can't be nuts on that goat.


Love the invisible bike.


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