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We in the UK are going through a period of a heartless Conservative government cutting benefits to the poor and disabled only for them to cut tax's for the rich. I would get down on my knees and beg for someone like Justin Trudeau  to be the Prime Minister of Britain.

He is also still on his political ''honeymoon''.

I'm in Tasmania, an island under Australia but a state of Australia. I'm just listening to radio and Govt is voting exactly on cuts to the poor and breaks for the rich! I've noticed over the years we seem to follow what UK does especially with social security. It's almost like UK gives it a go to see how people handle it and then they cut similar things here. I've always joked living in Tasmania is like living in 'Outer Dorset'. Justin Trudeau is quite a man. I do hope Canada remains an example of good and their open door policy works.

I hate it that the UK is an influence of such meanness and greed. 

Well we're getting refugees coming in from the US now, since that narcissist got voted in. Not much of an endorsement for the ''lovely'' leader!

Wow, that's desperation.

Anybody but the Tory's Heartless Bastards.


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