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Donald Trump, because there is no god.

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Because there is no god Trump is trying to fill the breach. What an ego that man has.

Taking one's thinking from its accustomed box isn't easy, because there is no god.

Xians have done their thinking in the "god created humankind AND he is all wise", so those of us who were once xians have difficulty with such as the following.

Tooth decay, because there is no god.

Appendicitis, because there is no god.

Malaria, because there is no god.

Cancer, because thereis no god.

Birth defects, because there is no god.

Ayn Rand, because there is no god.

Get the drift?

The god question is nonsense. If there were god why would it create carnivores?

Is the xtian community the people who worship "The Don?"

There must be something else going on. WTF is it?

The worship of money "In God We Trust!"

Maybe in "In Don we trust" as he starts trade wars.

It would be funny if it weren't so frightening.

Carnivores, because there is no god.

People worship The Don, because etc.

The Big Bang has died, because etc.

Get the drift?

Regarding your other comments about the big bang theory and singularity. These things are unknown they don't have to be attributed to a 'god'.  Scientifically the word 'god' means something different than it does for religious believers. 

As an atheist it's okay and appropriate to say "I don't know."

Jehova's Witnesses have been knocking [me up in the English term]  at my door.

The last time a young teenager was at the door.  At the bottom of the steps was an elderly man (I would say gentleman - but I don't think that was the case) in a tweed coat.

The girl with coaching opened the bible to some passage about armageddon.  She read the passage and asked what I was most fearful of.  I said "Climate Change."  To which she turned to her supervisor.  I said thanks for coming by - I have my own beliefs and don't need your help.

I wanted to pass her a note to let her know if she wanted to escape from captivity I'd find her help. Of course doing so would be inappropriate.

Imagine how difficult it must be for foster kids who are subjected to religious 'upbringing' outside of their norms. 

Some of the religious groups are more than willing to bring in foster kids to control and expand their empire.

I could go on and on with this subject.

Chris, you could go on and on with that subject and every word would be off topic.

For something on topic, consider the following:

Chris adds an off-topic post, because there is no god (to punish him.)

That can be shortened to:

Chris, because there is no god. LO fucking L

Haaa Haa I get the drift of your words and their outcomes. 

I posted an article previously that Trump supporters  have 'Authoritarian Personality Syndrome'

Here's another link

Again, because there is no fucking god. LOfuckingL.

It would seem that in America everything is put down as a Syndrome.

I would even suggest that American people have Syndromes Syndrome.

Yanks have the Syndrome Syndrome, because there is no god.

Brits can’t stay on topic, because there is no god.

The USA has Republicans because there is no Hell and no god to send them there.

Chris G. goes off topic because there is no Hell and no god to send him there for going off topic.

I say that about Chris G. because there is no Hell and no god to send me there.

America's Donald Trump loves North Korea's Kim Jong Un because there is no god.

The USA has Alabama because there is no god.

Tom S. will post all this because there is no god.


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