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O'Reilly shuts down Colmes because the truth hurts his little noggin.

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly broke down and screamed at his guest Alan Colmes for identifying spending cuts that President Obama has propose…

Started by Neal

5 Mar 8, 2013
Reply by Neal

Dem Congressman Gets Thrown Off After Calling Hannity A Liar, Immoral: You’re ‘The Worse Excuse For A Journalist’

FOX, it can always get worse. by Josh Feldman mediaite| 9:33 pm, February 26th, 2013 VIDEO» 618 comments During a particularly contentious…

Started by Neal

2 Feb 27, 2013
Reply by Neal

Oh, Jesus! Bill O' Reilly's Next Book Is Going to Be About the Killing of a Carpenter from Nazareth

O'Reilly continues to be the biggest asshat on FOX. "Killing Jesus: A History" follows the political commentator's best-sellers "Killing Li…

Started by Neal

0 Feb 22, 2013

Fox Mocks 102-Year-Old's Long Wait To Vote

Fox always finds a way to hit that new low in journalism. Mocking 100 year old ladies is about all they've got these days.  Network Also Do…

Started by Neal

5 Feb 15, 2013
Reply by Adriana

Fox News demands a recount on US’ warmest year

False balance: Fox News demands a recount on US’ warmest year "Is that just math you do as a skeptic to make yourself feel better?" ARS TE…

Started by Michel

2 Jan 12, 2013
Reply by Doone

Bill O'Reilly Attacks Christians Who Aren't Freaking Out About Non-Existent War on Christmas

Bill get nuttier every week. Fox News' Bill O'Reilly turns his crusade against his own people. December 12, 2012  Police officers in Greece…

Started by Neal

11 Dec 17, 2012
Reply by Michel

Fox News Goes Full Metal Tin Foil Hat: Obama Blackmailed Petraeus!

Fox News has taken their conspiracy claims for impeachment to new crazy places by claiming that Obama blackmailed Petraeus in order cover u…

Started by Michel

0 Nov 14, 2012

7 Right-Wingers Lashing Out at America For Not Electing Romney

According to the right-wing, Obama supporters "just want free stuff."   November 8, 2012  |  alternet   Conservative media figures at…

Started by Michel

0 Nov 9, 2012

After a Humiliating Election Night, Will Fox News Stop Lying?

A very interesting analysis of the new juncture for Fox News. Roger Ailes may finally realize that lying is bad for business -- and the…

Started by Michel

3 Nov 8, 2012
Reply by Chris

8 Crazy Fox Freakouts About the Olympics

I watched Stewart talk about some of this. Fox should change its logo from "fair and balanced" to "we hate everyone." All they are is a hat…

Started by Neal

1 Aug 11, 2012
Reply by Doone


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