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This is inside the former President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich's residence.

Here is another link to it from  here Text is in Engish

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Sorry the talk is in Ukrainian as it was filmed by Ukrainians. 

Seems he lived like some pre revolutionary French King, talk about opulent living

Yeah! He did but you should see the way most of the commoners live here, no palatial residences and if your lucky you also have a Dacha or Summer house with about half acre of land with it!

But like all places how you live depends on your income! 

Another thing, he must have had a hundred people maintain the place, there's no way him and his family could have done that, also costing a boatload of money

I think you would find it very hard to find an honest politician in the Ukraine. I say a plague on all their houses.  

They are slowly creeping out of the woodwork because they are realising the cost of dishonesty and not all of them are totally dishonest as they set up an anti-corruption department to look into cases of corruption and graft. 

They are also slowly overthrowing the legacy from the years of a totalitarian state, unlike the British or Americans or the rest of the old democratic nations around the world. 

Believe me Davy I've no time for the Russian position, but the right wing groups and fascists in Kiev are just as bad. you might be right that their are good and honest people and party's in Ukraine but they don't seem to be in sight. But please Davy you and your family look after yourself. best wishes Stephen.    

I second that, stay safe!

That man lived like a king- or was he an elected king?

That's the problem they are all trying to be King of the hill

It's easy to play King of the Hill if you are in a position to use other people's money and take as much as you need to keep a lavish lifestyle

Have seen how the parasites from the British royal family live in their palaces, puts the Ukrainian guy to shame.  


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