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This Thread will be like filter for the news & videos about Saudi Arabia & GCC because there are a lot of false news about Saudi Arabia & GCC lately. I think this thread will help clarify many things ...

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I'll start with the dumbest thing I ever read.

deported from Saudi Arabia for being ‘too handsome’

that NEVER happened. Omar admitted that this has never happened, he didn't say anything  , because this made ​​him famous, and he was offered a lot of good-paid jobs. One of the most famous models in the entire world is half Saudi -the father / half German -the mother. so this is just the most false news I ever read about Saudi Arabia. the fact that many people believe this? is just ridiculous.

This is NOT in Saudi Arabia, these people are NOT Saudis nor Arabs. they are Kurds I don't know where they shoot this, It may be in: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey. I don't understand a word of what they say. But it is clear to me that he is a boy NOT "maid".this false video is part of a campaign launched by some Ethiopian against Saudi Arabia. because of the Saudi campaign against illegal residents. they also claimed that there was a "murder" and "rape" There is not a single case of rape happened. as for the murder it  was self-defense by a Saudi policeman when an Ethiopian man tried to assault him with a machete. Ethiopian Ambassador in Saudi Arabia, said that he believed that the five-star treatment provided by Saudi Arabia to the Ethiopians (who have been arrested & wait for deportation) encourage them to stay in Saudi Arabia. In addition, Saudi Arabia stopped Ethiopian maids from entering to Saudi Arabia, because of the terrible crimes that include the slaughter of children that happen almost exclusively by Ethiopians. Interior Ministry showed interest in knowing more about the cultures of Ethiopia Because they believe that these crimes have a cultural ground (child witchcraft?) .

The sexual jihad in Syria.. A lie that is still used against Saudi Arabia..

The Iranian channel "Press TV" are the ones who spread this,, they forgot that temporary marriage is Haram according Sunnis.. > *epic fail*

Al-Arifi denied that Fatwa..
Arifi Explains the Fake Fatwa About Raping Syrian Women..

Hi hope,

I know rape is a common practice in war.It has to be stopped and the criminals have to be prosecuted.

These news are spread by the Arab left wing & their Iranian allies.. Their Iranian allies have imperialist agenda in Gulf region..

It's an enmity.. They raise people's emotions by saying that Saudi Arabia has relations with Israel.. and by saying that America supports Israel and Saudi Arabia is allied with America which means that Saudi Arabia is pro-Israeli occupation...

Saudi Arabia think that Syria is occupied by Iran while Iran think that Syria is occupied by Saudi Arabia and Turkey.. *Iran bothered Turkey too*
The 2 revolutions in "Qatif SA" and "Bahrain" are funded by Iran in order for them to occupy SA & Gulf region that is rich in OIL.. That's the whole story.. Politics is dirty!

The leftist party (Baath) are pro-Israeli occupation when they sold the Golan Heights to Israel.. *That's a slap*

press TV also adopted and spread the news of "rape Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia" in English, which is also ridiculous and false. their obsession with faking rape news is disturbing.

Maybe we can come to an agreement that some news and information is not necessarily faked, but is twisted for political gain.

The violence and rapes are real. There are terrible atrocities committed during war.

Sorry if I sound insulting, but war and violence isn't a video game. Some of the terrible images (videos) you see aren't manipulated movie sets. The manipulation comes with the message behind them and their causes.

News reporters can't get in to Syria.

Here's a link to some articles I read.

I'm wondering if some of the bad actors aren't nation states, but are big money instead driving this conflict.

Remember that I'm looking at this through the eyes of economic power rather than political power.


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