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Indiana, being the Alabama of the north, is front and center this week. Governor with presidential ambitions Mike Pence signed into law the "Religious Freedom" act. Basically vilified by all those who are part of the thinking human race, it is just foolishness meant to excuse those who wish not to participate in modern commerce, and for those who believe recognizing our shared common humanity is simply horrible.

Immediately the close-minded fools celebrated:

An Indiana business owner went on a local radio station and said that he had discriminated against gay or lesbian couples even before Gov. Mike Pence (R) signed a law on Thursday protecting business owners who decide to discriminate for “religious liberty” reasons. He then defended the practice and suggested he would do it again.

The business owner, who would not give his name or the name of his business, said he had told some LGBT “people” that equipment was broken in his restaurant and he couldn’t serve them even though it wasn’t and other people were already eating at the tables. “So, yes, I have discriminated,” he told RadioNOW 100.9 hosts. The hosts were surprised the owner said he was okay with discriminating.

“Well, I feel okay with it because it’s my place of business, I pay the rent, I’ve built it with all my money and my doing. It’s my place; I can do whatever I want with it, “he said. “They can have their lifestyle and do their own thing in their own place or with people that want to be with them.”

Even the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, which in no way is a liberal institution, understood the loss of revenue this bill heralds. Apple, Yelp, the NCAA, and so many more, are already talking about not doing business in the state.

Yet this is possibly the best news I've heard in a while. There are other states ready to follow Indiana's lead regardless of the consequences. Maybe we couldn't rationally stop the spread of stupid, but it appears we can now bankrupt it.

Celebrate the good news brothers!.

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Medecines Sans Frontieres

Drop a couple bucks in their pocket.  Ebola is still a problem, thought not in the news lately

What's going on with the law in Nigeria with the help of the fundamentalist community in America is shameful.

I think the suprimes are going to ignore that - for now. Eventually a case will be built to force them to re write the fourteenth amendment which has been corrupted.- unfortunately it may take another amendment and you know how difficult that is.

Do you thing the Pope will rewrite

Encyclical letter

Humane viate of the Supreme Pontiff Paul VI

As it is mothers nurse children until age five or six as a method of birth control because the church doesn't allow other birth control measures.  That keeps them as a kind of hostage.

I heard Governor Pence is using this law to encourage like minded businesses, such as Hobby Lobby, Chick fill-a, and Dominos to relocate their headquarters to Indiana. According to Mother Jones 71 companies don't want to provide birth control. Pence probably looks forward to their headquarters moving to Illinois. As religious as Arizona is even Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Not to be outdone the House of Representatives want employers to be able to fire employees who use birth control in DC. Tennessee's Diane Black is Trying to Assure the Right of DC Employe...

Fortunately California is working on legislation to remove the religious exclusion for inoculations that prevent contagious disease for students enrolled in the public school system. I say put bio-hazard tape around religious schools and have unvaccinated students attend those institutions, or home school the disease vectors.

For those who think Islamic law about child marriage is horrific see the following.

Is Indiana the "Who's There ?" state because of fear of secularism and diversity?

Go figure if you work at the Kentucky Creationist Tax-Funded Ark

museum believing in the young earth museum is needed.

Kentucky may have an answer with the Creation Museum.

"...The Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority has already approved millions in tax breaks. It first gave Ham $173 million in tax breaks, which he ultimately declined because he was having funding problems. Then, he asked for $73 million. Finally, the State approved $18 million. Until now "The Commonwealth doesn't believe that Ark Encounter, LLC will be complying with state and Federal law in its hiring practices," Bob Stewart, secretary of the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, wrote to an Ark Encounter attorney, according to the Courier-Journal...."

It makes sence that teachers at a Catholic school should be Catholic. Shouldn't female teachers at a Catholic school be pregnant all the time?

I was thinking Kentucky was a terrible place, but now see Kansas may be worse for youngsters.


The age of consent is sixteen. With parental consent and/or the consent of a judge, males can marry at age fourteen and females at age twelve. Common law marriage is recognized.


The age of consent is sixteen. With parental consent and/or the consent of a judge, parties can marry under sixteen years of age. Common law marriage is not recognized.


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