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Did you know, what you feed your dog affects their health?


Did you know, if you buy your dog food in the grocery store, there is a 99% chance it is terrible dog food?  And most grocery store dog foods contain PROVEN carcinogenic preservatives that have been BANNED for humans....but i guess it's ok if our dogs get cancer...???

I used to buy grocery store dog food, because I didn’t know anything about dog nutrition. I figured, if it costs a bit, and has a good name on the bag, it is probably good dog food. Plus, look, the first ingredient is meat, so I figured the bulk of what is in that bag, is what i thought.

Wrong, if only one or two ingredients in top 5 are meat, there may be barely any meat in that entire bag. The ingredients are listed by weight, and meat is weighed prior to being dehydrated, when it is still 80% water. The protein %, listed on the side, includes plant proteins, not a reliable indicator of how much meat is in the bag.
Once the meat is dehydrated, into powder form, it falls way further down the list…way further down, and might now be in 8th... or 20th place!!  who knows?


  HOWEVER, "MEAL", with a specific name, (like salmon meal, chicken meal, etc) is good to see high up in the list, that IS already dehydrated meat.


Dog food labels, and understanding what you DO want to see---meat by name, (like chicken, beef,) not the word “meat”, probiotics, meal<---partially dehydrated meat = "meal".


And what you DON’T want to see,

Stuff like ---corn, cellulose, soy, wheat, flour, brewer’s rice, byproducts, animal digest,
can be a lil overwhelming, if you are learning from scratch the way I had to.

Good list of what you want/don't want===>


the items listed PRIOR to the fat listing, are BULK of the dog food.  Many items follow the fat, but those are very small % of the dog food.




THIS ONE IS GREAT---Grab your dog food, a pen,

and take this 2 minute quiz to rate your dog's food===>




These next two, are also pretty simple:


this next one is simple, but, i'm not entirely certain it is being kept up to date anymore.


I feed my dog “CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE DOG LOVER’S SOUL” dog food.
There *ARE* better dog foods,
the “grain free” kind,
but those tend to be CHOCKFUL OF POTATOES, and give my dog gas. Eough! But every dog is different.

 And sadly, I really can not afford those right now anyway…


AND I DID TRY RAW FEEDING, but, my dog kept getting worms, the kind from raw meat...but, many say, that is THE best way to go. 

But “Chicken Soup” dog food is a very nutritious high quality dog food, at an affordable price,

The first FOUR ingredients are meat, TRY TO FIND THAT ON ANY BAG!! (only one dog food has more, is Orijen, but, that one iS full of potatoes).

and it contains NO CORN, (is indigestible to dogs, is only a filler) no poisonous preservatives, no proven carcinogens, no byproducts (that is like, beaks and hooves) no animal digest (you do not want to know what THAT is!) contains no soy no wheat, no fillers!! No cardboard either, “cellulose” it’s called on the label.

and does contain quality grains, many fruits and veggies, antioxidants, omega 3s and 6s, flaxseeds, probiotics, etc etc.

~~~~~~~~~~~`IS MADE IN AMERICA,
never gets recalled,
and it only costs about $1 a pound.

Because my dog is super active, I supplement it with a few scraps of chicken, turkey, beef, pork, fish, or poultry, or a weekly raw egg, on top, to jazz it up,

and this food is a tad low on fats, so I occasionally add in a teaspoon of cannola oil, or bust open a fish oil pill, for his coat, now and then, a few times a week.

So, if you are broke, that might be a good dog food for you to check out.

If you DO choose to change your dog’s food, SWAP OUT DOG FOOD SLOWLY, only a few kibbles at a time, over one or 2 weeks.

 Rapid swap outs of dog food can give some dogs diarrhea and all kinds of problems, but, if done slowly, works out fine.


You have to go to a pet supply store to buy it. BUT, you can bring your dog inside with you, he will love that!!!

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oh, your lucky lucky dogs!!!  That is awesome!!   Alayna, do you make it up, like, big batch and freeze some, or just make it every day or how do you do it?


I'd like to try something like that, if we get a lil bit more money going.  Do you buy the chicken bulk/get any deals on it from butchers?


FABULOUS diet for dogs, Alayna!!  Sure wish i'd fed my previous dog something like that...he developed all kinds of health problems, and i cringe to think what i fed him...i just didn't know any better back then...

Oh, this sounds great, Alayna!  I guess it does help if the dogs are smaller, using real meat.

Alayna, you should post your dogs pictures in this thread of members' dogs:

I do not have any pet in my home

Secret, i still always hope you will be able to move someday,  to a place where it is safer to be an atheist,

and maybe then, you will have your own place, and be able to also have a dog!!  I bet you'd love it.

I agree with you that the dog food industry produces in many cases really nutritionally poor dog food, whether in kibble or cans, and they care mostly about profits, not dog health. The fact that the ingredients also come from agribusinesses that overuse hormones, antibiotics, etc. does not help either. All those diseases that you mention are also more prevalent in the human population than they were in previous generations or even a few decades ago. 

When I lived in Uruguay (that's where I grew up) we fed dogs raw beef (never raw entrails thought, because of Echinococcus parasites which are unfortunately endemic). 

Nowadays my dogs are on a mix of dry and wet food (the wet food is either corned beef or boiled chicken), for convenience mainly. We are vegetarian and don't buy meat for ourselves so we don't go to the butcher shop. My dogs are very healthy but I think it is a good idea to give them raw meat when we can. What do you feed them? Beef? Chicken? Lamb? Combinations, etc? What else do you feed them?

Since you like the subject of dog nutrition, you may like the discussion i posted last week about co-evolution of dogs and humans and how dogs evolved to digest carbs while wolves can't do very well. It's in this same group.

What dogs do you breed?

I feed my dogs bones too. i never had a dog with tartar issues, never needed to have their teeth cleaned out, and they have better breath than many people, LOLZ!

I love standard poodles (I love big dogs), graceful and intelligent, very athletic! If I had time (maybe when I retire) I would like to have several dogs, I would love to train them for agility, but I would do it with mutts from shelters. 

Don't you already have 'several' dogs?

LOL! You sound my like my husband! I have two dogs, is that "several"??

I don't have a dog but if I had I'd want it to be healthy (by the way I loved the picture) I know of many peoplewho give their food table or what's left of it and the dogs don't seem any worse for it.

I used to feed mine theists, but they kept getting sick. (bad joke number 1 for the day).

But the important point is: did you cook them first or did you give them to your dogs raw?

It can only go downhill from here.=)


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