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On my way home from Quebec City this morning, at a picnic area on route 138, I met two biker dogs. The black dog is just a year old and she rides on a platform setup on the back of a Spider trike. She never wants to lie down and always likes to sit up there. The older guy rides in the sidecar and usually takes the scenery lying down.

Apparently the words "motorcycle ride" are enough to elicit quite a bit of excitement with the dogs. And I'm sure they love the great deal of attention they get at every stop. The owner made the sidecar and the Spider rig and he's planing to add a windshield to the platform for the colder autumn days.

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Neat side car.

Custom-made for the dogs. No seat just a comfortable carpet. The guy's a really good fabricator.

Well they are our bestest friends and that can-am bike reminds me of the Morgan motor car, a three wheeler.

Lots of these around here.
They don't require a motorcycle driving license (long and costly) and they are made in Québec.
Older folks feel more secure on them.
But they drive more like a car than like a two wheeler.

I was just going to ask you that, Michel. I thought they would drive more like a car. Can they be driven with a car-type license, then?

Yes. You have to take 7 hours of training and you're set to go.

The sitting and positions are bike-like it's the vehicle's behavior that is car-like.
Like with a bike, you get the 360 degrees vision and smell-o-rama. Like a car you don't have to worry about keeping it upright at slow speeds. But you miss the most important ingredient in motorcycling IMHO: the way it handles curves =]

Yup, you don't use your body to balance as you need to in a bicycle or motorcycle. I agree, that is part of the fun of being on 2 wheels!

You do have to balance, but you do it against the trike's tendency to overshoot. On a bike you lean with the animal.

Aaah, I see! Interesting.

Curves, what a cycle is all about. Cool guys, missed this post. 

I obtained my bike licence before my car licence and back then the cost was the same for the licences. These days from what I can gather is that you are required to undertake a riders course which is one or two days duration. You are restricted to a 250cc motor cycle for two years once you get your motorcycle riders licence. As you are classed as a provisional rider. Same for your car licence but once you get your provisional licence you can go out and buy yourself death on 4wheels if Daddy or yourself can afford to buy one!!

I agree with you statement below Michel about going through curves more so on a winding road lean left then a quick flick and lean right to take the right hander bend then another quick flick to take the next left hander bend. Exhilaration/ adrenaline.

It's nice to know dogs are our friends to the extent of wanting to ride a motorcycle (do they have to wear sunglasses ?)


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