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Bad news once again for the breed. No data on how they were raised yet, but four adults and six puppies makes me think they weren't pets.

A California man was mauled to death in a driveway by four pit bulls belonging to a neighbor. KSEE's Angela Greenwood reports.

By NBC News staff

A man near Fresno, Calif., was mauled to death by four pit bulls that have since been taken away as authorities on Thursday investigated what happened.

The man was found dead Tuesday night in the driveway of a home in Selma. Animal control officers later impounded four pit bulls, six pit bull puppies and two other dogs at a house next door, NBC affiliate KSEE TV reported.
Neither the victim nor the dogs' owner were identified.

A neighbor said he wasn't surprised, saying that the pit bulls had killed his own dog about a month ago.

"They come in our front yard and will come in our driveway," Blake Anderson told KSEE. "I couldn't even get out of my car one time. There were like four of them, so yeah it's ridiculous."

Anderson said the owner should be held responsible for letting the dogs run free.

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Horrific. It sounds like this was a breeding station for fighting dogs. The worst is that dogs (any dogs) form packs, and they become just like wild animals when raised like that (I bet these were raised as fighting dogs and abused by the owner) and roaming free. There was a similar case involving rottweilers a few years back in my native country. The owner should go to jail and never allowed to have dogs anymore in his life. 

I knew this story would irritate. =(

I find all this horrific...  most probably those animals, I mean that breed of dogs , can be trained to kill and often is and I agree that the owner should be held accountable


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