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And so I breach the most important aspect of english custom. The sacred custom of tea. Black teas are the preference, though some drink green tea when feeling curious. The question of single origin vs blended comes up. I will usually have a strong blended tea for breakfast(Yorkshire Gold) and save the single origins for the evening. My favorite is  Darjeeling, I also appreciate Twinnings Prince of Wales tea. Though this blend is unpopular when Edward practically betrayed England. I know I can feel smug and accomplished in making the world a better place for choosing Yorkshire Gold as my tea of choice. Yorkshire is a basic blend, but I like to spoil myself by spending a little bit more on the Gold blend. I think I am worth it. ^_^

I can also feel confident, knowing that every time I support Taylors of Harrogate(a very old family business) for it is an ethical cup of tea. You can read about the social work they do in Rwanda(they are proud to use Rwandan tea in their blends) and the reforestation of many trees. Back to tea though.

Twinnings, an other excellant tea company, has various single origin blends are are wonderfully tasty. I liked the royal wedding blend but that is not something I should think to do again, a one time thing.

THE assam blend is vibrant.

Now to preparation of tea, you want to take fresh water, and take off heat just before active boil, you pour onto the leaves in the pot. After 5-6 minutes you either remove the bag if bagged, or transfer to a new pot if loose. You place your milk and sugar in cup(I drink black), mix them, and pour the tea slowly on them. So not to curdle the milk. Enjoy.

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