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Hello Friends,

Chastise me if you will, but you are still near and dear to me despite my abrupt and lengthy absence...  Life left me little option given that time was no longer on my side.  Earning a living for the first time in many years, required all my energy and determination.  It was a battle to stay afloat and I've survived to tell the tale.  

During the nearly two years of my departing from A/U, significant changes have bombarded me.  Mostly better than not, but all change takes adjusting especially being older and not always wiser....  I moved to a new home out in the countryside not far from the town of Ithaca, NY.  Mountains, green pastures, farms, chickens, sheep, goats, horses, and many dogs & cats surround me.  For a suburban gal this is a new adventure.  A dear friend of mine shares my home and expenses.  Surprisingly, this arrangement has worked out much better than I expected, we seem to compliment each other quite nicely with only minor bickering now and then.  My daughter moved in with her boyfriend just over a year ago and has been holding her own.  Much, much better arrangement for both of us.  Grown children need to challenge themselves and their parents need a reprieve.  (Although the worry never seems to lessen.)  Living on the edge financially is always filled with fear, but so far my health has held up after a life saving surgery a couple of years ago.  Hopefully I'll be able to push through for quite some time yet.  

Now that I'm able to catch my breath now and then, I would like to rejoin the conversation here on A/U.  Look forward to meeting new friends and catching up with old.  

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Glad your back and that things are going well for you. As I was wondering and hoping nothing was terribly amiss with you!

I agree with you about your offspring. The worrying about them doesn't stop even though they have grown up and left the nest. 

Whoo-hoo! Sydni is back!! Glad to hear from you and that you'll be rejoining the conversation. I'm the one who is mostly absent now. I have a new job (a job I really, really like buy challenging and it consumes all of my attention) but I think as the months go by, I'll be able to post more regularly on science and other things.

I'm doing a happy dance for Sydni being back to AU!
Sydni!!! I can not find the message button,
But i will look again tomorrow. Miss ya!!
Sydni!!! I can not find the message button,
But i will look again tomorrow. Miss ya!!

Hey JeanMarie, how's life? =)


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