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Share your current musical obsession.

What are you listening to these days?

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Chuck Goecke turned me on to this group.  Even my daughter who usually can't abide by my musical taste enjoys listening to them....  Whoo-Hoo, one for me!



OK, I'm going to make a confession of which I am deeply ashamed. Due to my marathon training, I'm now obsessed with "easy" upbeat tunes that get me through the hard parts of the running, as the miles pile up and my legs feel like Bambi legs. My current obsession, the one I switch to when I'm really tired is Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"; it makes me fell like I'm 20 again! LOLZ! I miss the 80s :-)


hahaha...  I haven't listened to this tune in ages and ages.  Certainly fun, and good for keeping one uplifted.  80's music just passed me by - generational gap I guess???  Heh, but you and I aren't that FAR apart in age...

This came out when I was 23, freshly enrolled in graduate school. I loved my college years but I loved my grad school years even more, I was still a "baby" but I felt more empowered as a grad student than as an undergrad.

Religious music. I just can't live without it.

Jaume Though I can live without religious music there are some good pieces written but for me I like Gregorian chants to break up the the music.

That was difficult to listen to. Occasionally I'll listen to the Benedictine Monks to help me sleep, but I find YoYo Ma playing his base more soothing.

Secret, do you know what movie this song is from.  Very lovely, but I do wish there was a translation of the lyrics in english.
This is the movie. I may want to see it when it's released in the US.
Worth posting here directly -=)

Just love this, don't you?



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