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Off Shore Wind Farms an Unforeseen Bonus

Offshore wind turbines like those being planned off the East Coast could one day do double duty for residents, according to a new study.

Scientists at the University of Delaware and Stanford University say that in addition to generating several thousand megawatts of electricity, giant wind farms could also help mitigate the destructive forces of hurricanes such as Katrina and Sandy that occasionally smash into the eastern seaboard. That could save a city like New York billions of dollars on the cost of a sea wall.

Read the full article at Discovery News at the following link.

Wind Farms May Blunt Hurricanes Wind Force.

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ni hao Davy.

What the wind farms do is absorb some of the energy. Forests do much the same.

Ni Hao Lester.
Yes! I am aware of that fact but also take into consideration where the wind farms at sea are for starters. With manipulation of the rotor blade velocity by the use of hydraulic pumps to create  a drag on the rotor's output shaft so absorbing the energy from the higher wind velocity. With a correctly designed hydraulic pump you can vary the amount of energy they absorb in high winds by varying the pumps outlet diameter which effectively controls the hydraulic fluid pressure in the pump. Another way to do it is to use a hydraulic clutch in such a way so it acts more like a hydraulic brake and where its internal pressure is variable to create the required drag to absorb the wind energy from the rotor blades.
Though the towers that the whole generator/rotor system sits on will be the deciding factor in exactly how much energy a unit can safely extract from the high velocity winds because there will come a point where they will have to feather the blades to prevent the wind toppling the tower due to the increased effective area created by the rotation of the blades!

ni hao Davy.

If the angle of the blades change with wind speed then the blades would keep a near constant speed. Windmills used for grinding wheat into flour are able to do that.

What obstacles do to hurricanes is disrupt the air flow and thus reduce it's speed.

I learnt something else last night. The "ma" modifier in "ni hao ma" is spoken as "ni haoma"

When two words are joined, they are spoken as one word.

This is the book I got.

Yes! They do but the amount of energy extracted is also the same! To make them more effective at absorbing more energy from the wind you have to give resistance to the wind. What I was describing was methods that could possibly used to this end while at the same time maintaining the constant revolution for the generation of energy!

Xie xie for the heads up on the greeting Ni Haoma!

Ni hao is the greeting (hello) and ni haoma is a question (how are you).

To use ma to convert a staement to a question, it's spoken as a joined on word and not as a seperate word.

In hello mum, it's spoken as ni hao ma. There is a slight pause of a milli second between hao and ma. But in how are you, there is no pause between hao and ma.

The word "le" as a particle, is used when the action of a verb is completed.

Wo mai dongxi is (I buy things), but wo mai dongxi le, is I bought things.

In this video there are examples of two words, spoken as one word when joined together.


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