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Blokes, it's time to man-up and face the snip - the future of the planet could well depend upon your decision, argues Dr Paul Willis who is the director of RiAus, Australia's unique national science hub, which showcases the importance of science in everyday life. The well-known palaeontologist and broadcaster previously worked for ABC TV's Catalyst program.

At first glance it appears to be a very long bow that would need to be drawn to connect something such as global resource consumption to a personal decision to have a vasectomy.

But these and many other critical issues are linked via global population directly to your genitals and your personal choice in how you use them.

For most of us guys, we've been shirking our responsibilities in the family planning stakes and we are not carrying a fair share of the burden of contraception.

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Vasectomies are a good idea. The global problem of the population bomb lies elsewhere though. Everything I've read says educating and empowering women is needed for effective worldwide population control.

I could not agree more, personally I prefer to have intelligent, well educated women in my small circle of friends. 

I heard in my college days (25 years ago) the problem was already being talked a bout.  I remember a solution which never came to pass which was to put contraceptives into drinking water in India.  So I guess we've been facing this problem for a long time...

I'd like to see a male birth control 'pill', or other temporary method approved. I wonder if the pharmacological methods to accomplish that result in 'loss of manhood.' What I mean by that should be obvious, but includes function, and desire.

The reality is that the right doesn't want to distribute condoms.

Yes! I vaguely  remember something like that! But when you think about it.

It would have been a wealthy nation forcing something on another nation that they themselves were not willing to do to their own population!

Wealthy nations (generally) have a low birth rate.

Of course you are always going to get the whacko like a guy I worked with (with dominant fundamentalist christian values) who had a wife dropping kids at "gods choosing.", or a fundamentalist who thinks that increasing the number of the sect is required for prosperity (think Mormon and Mitt Romney).

This is why I think education is important  especially for women who are the ones who actually carry the burden of looking after the next generation(s).

That is why it is imperative to have the worlds population educated to a minimum of high school education to year 12! 

But it would also help by getting more of them to have a tertiary education as well!

Absolutely to a minimum of 12 years. I'd like to see graduate and post graduate education available to those with the skills and ability available for free as well.

As It is education is only available to those with money. This system prevents and oppresses the knowledge bank available to the world. It also limits the breadth of wisdom available that would benefit everyone.

I like this discussion. I think it is a great idea


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