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Where we share information on climatology and the changing Earth's climate.

With of course a special thought for deniers and those who would profit from denial.

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A snip for the planet

Started by Davy. Last reply by Chris May 2, 2015. 18 Replies

Blokes, it's time to man-up and face the snip - the future of the planet could well depend upon your decision, argues Dr Paul Willis who is the director of …Continue

Tags: consumption., resource, global, contraception, Vasectomy

Off Shore Wind Farms an Unforeseen Bonus

Started by Davy. Last reply by Lester Unega Waya Apr 3, 2014. 5 Replies

Off Shore Wind Farms an Unforeseen BonusOffshore wind turbines like those being planned off the East Coast could one day do double duty for residents, according to a new study.Scientists at the…Continue

Tags: electricity, generation, turbine, force, farm

Not just the Koch brothers: New study reveals funders behind the climate change denial effort

Started by Davy. Last reply by Chris Jan 12, 2014. 3 Replies

A new study conducted by Drexel University's environmental sociologist Robert J. Brulle, PhD,exposes the organizational underpinnings and funding behind the powerful climate change counter-movement.…Continue

Tags: denial, Climate

NASA: Climate Change Evidence

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Comment by Chris on Thursday

Is it Ning, my computer, or my internet connection that is slow at times. I suppose it depends upon the link I'm trying to connect to to paste to Ning.

Climate change means an average overall temprature increase of what is it now- 1.2C. It doesn't nececarrally mean that Austrailia will change their climate change chart because it gets really hot sometimes.


Australia weather map adds new colors for record breaking heat (Image via Bureau of Meteorology)"http://media.zenfs.com/en/blogs/thelookout/aussiemap2.jpg"/>
Australia weather map adds new colors for record breaking heat (Image via Bureau of Meteorology)"

The forecast in Australia: Hot, hot, hot—and getting hotter.

As a record-breaking heatwave hovers over many regions and territories (which are in their summer months now), the continent’s Bureau of Meteorology has added two new colors to the weather map to reflect the rising mercury.

The map currently shows the weather in orange tones at the top, which indicate temperatures 40 to 48 degrees Celsius. But forecasts are predicting off-the-charts weather. As a result, pink and purple will now cover temperatures over 50 degrees Celsius—should it climb that high.

For those rusty on the temperature conversion, that is a sweat-inducing 122 degrees Fahrenheit. (The record-setting temperature of 50.7 set in 1960 has, thankfully, still not

Comment by Chris on Thursday

Excess Levels Of Dangerous Chemical Found In Tap Water Across US

A new report found that excess levels of chromium-6 have been found in the drinking water provided to most Americans.

By Grant Suneson | September 21, 2016

Turns out lead isn't the only thing that could be contaminating your tap water.

Chromium-6, which people over the age of 30 might remember as the dangerous compound in the movie "Erin Brockovich," is in the water supplied to most Americans.

SEE MORE: Flint Had Lead In The Water; This Town Has Lead In The Land

The Environmental Working Group analyzed findings from the Environmental Protection Agency and found over 200 million people in all 50 states have higher levels of chromium-6 in their water than what scientists consider safe.

Excess levels of chromium compounds have been linked to lung and sinus cancer, as well as numerous other diseases.

The state of American water has been anything but clear lately after thousands of residents in Flint, Michigan, got sick after drinking water contaminated by lead.

The Environmental Working Group is currently lobbying the EPA to toughen its standards for water purity.

Comment by Chris on August 31, 2016 at 11:15pm

High Flying spy airplaines didn't leave a vapor trail behind them.  Chemtrail kooks are just that kooks.

For information read the attachment.


If you don't choose to then don't.

Comment by Stephen on August 31, 2016 at 7:02pm

'Chemtrails' not real, say leading atmospheric science experts

Well-understood physical and chemical processes can easily explain the alleged evidence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program, commonly referred to as "chemtrails" or "covert geoengineering," concludes a new study from Carnegie Science, University of California Irvine, and the nonprofit organization Near Zero.

Some groups and individuals erroneously believe that the long-lasting condensation trails, or contrails, left behind aircraft are evidence of a secret large-scale spraying program. They call these imagined features "chemtrails." Adherents of this conspiracy theory sometimes attribute this alleged spraying to the government and sometimes to industry.

The authors of this study, including Carnegie's Ken Caldeira, conducted a survey of the world's leading atmospheric scientists, who categorically rejected the existence of a secret spraying program. The team's findings, published by Environmental Research Letters, are based on a survey of two groups of experts: atmospheric chemists who specialize in condensation trails and geochemists working on atmospheric deposition of dust and pollution.

The survey results show that 76 of the 77 participating scientists said they had not encountered evidence of a secret spraying program, and agree that the alleged evidence cited by the individuals who believe that atmospheric spraying is occurring could be explained through other factors, such as typical airplane contrail formation and poor data sampling.

The research team undertook their study in response to the large number of people who claim to believe in a secret spraying program. In a 2011 international survey, nearly 17 percent of respondents said they believed the existence of a secret large-scale atmospheric spraying program to be true or partly true. And in recent years a number of websites have arisen claiming to show evidence of widespread secret chemical spraying, which they say is linked to negative impacts on human health and the environment.

"We wanted to establish a scientific record on the topic of secret atmospheric spraying programs for the benefit of those in the public who haven't made up their minds," said Steven Davis of UC Irvine. "The experts we surveyed resoundingly rejected contrail photographs and test results as evidence of a large-scale atmospheric conspiracy."

Read more=read:http://phys.org/news/2016-08-chemtrails-real-atmospheric-science-ex...

Comment by Stephen on August 17, 2016 at 1:51pm

Watch This Physicist Try Desperately to Explain Climate Change to a Politician Who Denies It

Having Professor Brian Cox explain the human element of climate change to Malcolm Roberts, a science-denying newly elected senator from Australia, is an exercise in futility. Yet, Cox did his best to explain the evidence to a man who refuses to accept any of it during an exchange on the ABC show Q&A:

Comment by Chris on April 20, 2016 at 12:06pm

There are some links you post that I can't get. NBC (National Broadcasting Corporation) was the first station in the U.S. to broadcast in color.

Comment by Stephen on March 10, 2016 at 1:25am

Chris NBC cant be shown here in the UK and Europe

Comment by Chris on March 9, 2016 at 11:55pm

On lint,

Language differes from place to place.

Spelling? Getting the point across should be what matters without contempt. Indeed what counts is power.

Comment by Chris on March 9, 2016 at 11:30pm

Getting some high winds on the West Coast of the U.S., Canada, and Alaska.

http://earth.nullschool.net is a great site for looking at earth conditions. Click on "Earth" in the lower left hand side to choose the variables.

The image can be spun around and zoomed in on to see any locality.

Comment by Chris on January 13, 2016 at 12:52am

Running Wild With Bear Grylls.

(President Obama)



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