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Here is a place to list idioms from YOUR language, i'd imagine, every language has them.  Please translate them to english for me, the only unilingual member here.  Some might not translate that well.


this thread might also be useful to some people practicing english here, to understand common phrases that must be baffling to someone who does not know these idioms, as it will be helpful to multilingual ppl to learn other countries' idioms....and please, add the story behind the idiom, if you know it.  Makes them easier to remember!!



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"Don't let them get your goat."


This means, do not let someone upset you.  The story behind this phrase goes like this:

Racehorses are very high strung, and need a good rest the night before their big race.  People used to put a goat in the stall, alongside the racehorse, because apparently, the goat being next to the horse calmed him down so he could relax.

A competitor racehorse owner, might sneak into another person's horse's stall, and get that goat, and take the goat away, and then, that racehorse would be nervous/not sleep well/be upset all night, and run a lousy race the next day and lose the race.


(something like that anyway).

Sumerian Proverb

You cannot butt me with your horns! Who is it that you are butting? You cannot kill me -- I am running away!


A ancient story about a Man and his Goat.

was this a christian goat, or an atheist goat?

The Sumerians had weird habits - one of which was their confusion about the shape of pancakes.

In addition to the many testicle related food items being offered, this year’s Testicle Festival featured a Testicle Festival Parade, a Testicle Festival Pancake Breakfast, with testicle shaped pancakes and free testicle shaped balloons for the kids, and a testicle eating contest.




A number of testicle-themed rides and educational exhibits also contributed to this year’s Testicle Festival’s unprecedented success.


“We got a roller-coaster called the Testicle Express that is sure to give a thrill,” said Travis Jode, Honorary Mayor of Orlean’s 17th Annual Testicle Festival. “And for the kids we have a giant testicle you can walk through and learn all about testicles.”




But the one thing that sets this year’s Testicle Festival apart from all other testicle festivals was the variety of testicles offered for consumption.


“Bull testicles are great,” said Sue Ellen Plavin, this year’s Testicle Queen.

“But you can get bull testicles at any testicle festival.  That’s where we’re different.  At the Orlean Testicle Festival you can enjoy all sorts of testicles ranging from goat and sheep and pig and turkey to more exotic testes like squirrel, possum and frog, which I can tell you are simply delicious.  And I hear tell that somewhere around here you can score some kangaroo balls,” Plavin said and smiled. “I bet you can’t get kangaroo ‘nads at the Russelville Testicle Festival. No siree 

ha, it took some 'nads to post that!!  roflmao!!

i googled this to see if this was real, or something you were making up, it's REAL???


//"....a Testicle Festival Pancake Breakfast,"//


~~PANCAKE STORY OF THE YEAR!!!~~  no one is going to top that one!!


"Sleep tight."


this means, have a good night's sleep.


From the pilgrim days.  Hundreds of years ago, beds were made as a wooden frame, up on 4 legs......with ropes strung back and forth in the frame. then a 'mattress' would be placed on top of those ropes.


 The ropes had 'loops' on outer side of frame, and into these loops would be sticks, used to twist the ropes tighter, to keep the mattress flatter so you don't sag down into center of saggy bed.

"Jumped the gun"


this means to start a bit too early, to make a move too soon, when you should have waited a bit longer.


It is from racing days, when a gun was used to start the race.  If a horse took off before the gun was fired, he jumped the gun.

"Jump the shark"


This means, the event that precedes(causes) the decline of an organization, tv show, or person.


It comes from old popular show, "Happy Days", when a character named Fonzie once jumped over a shark in a swimming pool, which of course, is ridiculous situation.  The tv show's decline was soon after,

 and the term "jumped the shark" = crazy thing right before the end of something,

 has sort of stuck around.


this means going silly, being silly....or whatever you want it to mean...


this is a fairly exclusive, little known use of the word "pancakes", seen primarily on the website called "Atheist Universe" on the internet.  It has also taken hold in some atheist's homes and families..


It comes from a theist named "Pancakes", who once visited with us and tried to debate us about various things.  Many people eventually went silly, and just started posting silly remarks and pictures of sort of grew from there....


Then, one atheist came up with idea, that to celebrate the 3 planet-wide holidays, (New Year's Day, and the 2 solstices) that all atheists, well, all people, should all eat pancakes for breakfast on those mornings, so that there will be a world wide custom going on.  Turns out, pancakes are eaten all over the globe, in almost every country.

that atheist thought, the round pancake for breakfast on New Year's Morning, could represent another lap around the sun.


and the round pancakes on either of  the solstices, could represent the sun, that we will now get more, or less, hours of sunshine per day from here on. 



but, mostly "pancake" references indicate a silly mood, or humor, or whatever you want it to mean.


"Bury the hatchet"


this means to put aside and forgive and forget about an old disagreement, to stop fighting.


This is from native american culture, when burying weapons was used a sign no more fighitng would happen.

It's very common in French too: "enterrer la hache de guerre" (bury the war hatchet)


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