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A Yemeni Chameleon who used to live in our pool area until it ate the wrong kind of plant.
Was he some kind of pet, or just wild? Where do you live?
He or she was one of four various types of chameleons we had at one time or another. Great animals but they had the bad tendency to die too soon. We live in Florida so it used to be warm in the winter.



it's as plain as the nose on your face!!!


I've always wanted to see horseshoe crabs, I like the way they walk and there are so many animals we know so little about.

I'd like to know what are the mammals (?) that we only see kind of their heads in the above above , well quite a bit above picture all in a kins of a blue cloud-sea ?

Do you mean the ones with the antlers? I'm not sure. Beneath them are polar bears.

I meant the one above the otter......?

Horseshoe Crabs are what you see above the otter.


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