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Catholic stupidity kills women.

Savita Halappanavar, who was found to be miscarrying when admitted, died of septicaemia at University Hospital Galway

KITTY HOLLAND and PAUL CULLEN, Health Correspondent

Two investigations are under way into the death of a woman who was 17 weeks pregnant, at University Hospital Galway last month.

Savita Halappanavar (31), a dentist, presented with back pain at the hospital on October 21st, was found to be miscarrying, and died of septicaemia a week later.

Her husband, Praveen Halappanavar (34), an engineer at Boston Scientific in Galway, says she asked several times over a three-day period that the pregnancy be terminated. He says that, having been told she was miscarrying, and after one day in severe pain, Ms Halappanavar asked for a medical termination.

This was refused, he says, because the foetal heartbeat was still present and they were told, “this is a Catholic country”.

She spent a further 2½ days “in agony” until the foetal heartbeat stopped.

Intensive care

The dead foetus was removed and Savita was taken to the high dependency unit and then the intensive care unit, where she died of septicaemia on the 28th.

Irish Times

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Their actions were criminal; they should be prosecuted; they did not keep the best interest of the patient in mind; they caused her death, for nothing. I hope her husband sues the hospital. 

Question: would this be legal in America? I don't think so. 

Adrianna, hospital workers are government employees, the follow government law. Reading about this, this is why I am a staunch unionist. Ireland is free my ... They only just recently legalized condoms and divorce. Women fleeing abusive husbands had to flee to the "oppressed north" for sanctuary. Students also risked jail smuggling condoms from the north. As doctors are essentially government agents they lack the mobility to put the patient's health at paramount.

But does not prevent them from being prosecuted under the law!

for what, following archaic laws?

This just shows how a catholic country manage to kill a young woman on stupid and terrible grounds.

they wont stop, they will reference abortion for convenience cases(very uncommon) and make them seem like the norm.

It shows why we need a clear-cut separation between church and state. Only secular government can protect citizens from the abuses brought about by the imposition of religious beliefs on people.

we need a corporate system to exist in health care, one in which she could have quietly got an abortion. A secular state is nice, but it's a pipe dream in Ireland. As long as governments have a grasp at such infrastructure, the religious views of the masses will always influence.

If abortion is illegal, how would a corporate health care system make ANY difference? If it's illegal, it's illegal for every hospital, public or private. Ireland will end up having a secular government in the future, I think. There is an increasing number of Irish atheists and agnostics and other proponents of secularism in Ireland.

Corporations have the incentive to allow small scale law breaking, government agents on a base salary do not.  It's sort of a moral flexibility.  Plus suing the federal government anywhere is practically impossible, not true with a corporation, so there is recourses to deal with harm that has been caused.

Every time and every country where abortion is illegal and is done by doctors or centers that break the law, women die. Health care institutions that break the law escape regulations and by definition escape regulations in areas detrimental to patients. It's insane, honestly, to suggest that patients would benefit from health care institutions that break the law. Plus, poor people will not have access anyway to the best "law breaker" hospitals, and they would incur the most deaths while seeking abortions. Abortion must be safe, and legal, no way around it. This is an area where there should be government regulations. 

Firstly, women die when abortions are legal. I am not saying a secular state with idle morality(of which religion offers a serious dose of) is curbed would not be ideal, or abortions being legal and assured by the state. However, that will not happen in Ireland in our lifetime. They only recently legalized divorce, they are far behind the curve. However, when a woman's life or health was threatened the resources and desire(as the primary goal of doctors without state interference would be their patient's health, not following the law of the land to a tee). It isnt about the ideal happy solution, it's about the most achievable.


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