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Is the Christian God Moral? Or is the Christian God Evil? Both? Neither?

I've often stated that, if it existed, and if it went to the doctor, the Christian God would be diagnosed with Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome. (

The basic questions, as posed by Matt McCormick at are:
If working tirelessly to aid refugees, feed the starving, house the homeless, prevent disease, spread literacy, cure cancer, and end war are morally good, then why doesn’t God do any of them?  If ignoring human suffering, tolerating child abuse, being indifferent to injustice, and allowing the propagation of ignorance and hatred are morally bad things, then why does a good God do them?

So what do you think? Does God pass the morality test? Is he good or is he evil? Is he both or neither?

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I didn't know that, Jaume, I have seen this cited so many times, and not necessarily by atheists.
I don't think that the church hierarchy approves of dissing the dad in favor of the son, but I think it's something that many Jesus freaks are into. They fall in love with this supposedly super nnice guy that was Jesus, who loved everyone, etc.
...or St. Paul or Constantine.
Jaume, I encourage you to not trust St. Paul. He seems a little "tetched" to me, if you know what I mean. And Constantine - as Emperor - had economic and political motives that probably had very little or nothing to do with faith.

It may well be true, but my point was only that Paul and Constantine had probably more influence than even Jesus on what Christianism has become today (Paul shaped the creed, Constantine gave it momentum.)

Point taken. Thank you.

Since you are interested in Manchausen by Proxy, you should also look at :

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Oh my! My cousin went through that with his second (or was it his third?) divorce. Watching from the sidelines I pitied him and despised his wife - he had no idea what was going on and she was doing her best to beat him into the dirt. She did a pretty good job of it too - and he probably deserved it. Sad.

And I had a great laugh - imagining the triune god as three parents, each one trashing the other two in order to alienate the children! It would be a great Monty Python sketch.

Thanks, Chris, for the reference.

The christian god is much like an emotional teenage girl, capable of great acts of goodness and compassion, but also capable of the most horrible acts.  I personally don't think that the good works of the christian god outweigh the evil he has done or sent out into the world, but that's open to interpretation by the individual.  Whether or not he passes the morality test depends on the time-frame in which we view god.  He was obviously morally sound two thousand years ago, but by the standards we set today I would say he is a tyrant.

I agree he's as erratic as "an emotional teenage girl," but I'm not at all sure of how moral he was about 2000 years ago. As someone summarized the Bible, "...after floods, plagues, threats, and wars don't work, God decides to torture and kill his own son as a last-ditch effort to convince all humanity to worship him." That's some strange kind of morality, surely. But that's talking about the triune god, not just the physical manifestation of Jesus. I'm pretty sure that's the one to whom you referred.


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