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First Posted: 7/18/11

Huffington Post


You might think that since the artists included in the slideshow below are famous, you know everything about them (and perhaps some of you do). But we're betting you probably haven't heard these bizarre, hilarious or mystifying facts about some of the world's most recognized artists. Know an obscure fact we haven't included here? Then share in the comments below.


Leonardo da Vinci

"Self Portrait" 1512.

Leonardo da Vinci was a vegetarian and animal rights activist, he would buy caged birds and set them free.


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Neat. Yeah, Salvador Dali's parents apparently had a first-born son they named Salvador. After he died at a young age they kept all his photos and belongings around and named their second son Salvador, too. Kind of an odd situation. I'm not sure how much they talked about the first Salvador, but apparently he had a prominent presence in their household, in spite of the fact he was dead.


Of course, Salvador Dali was an all-around freak anyhow. Intriguing man, but he was a magalomaniac, had scatalogical fantasies, and dreamed about having sex with his father.


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