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Women Are Already Being Prosecuted for Having Abortions

by Libby Anne

This week, Trump said that women who have abortions should receive some form of punishment. But women are already being jailed for having abortions all over the country.

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How can a country that claims to be so modern and free, be so backward at the same time. I just don't understand. The rest of the first world and even some countries you wouldn't expect to bring in Abortion laws are miles ahead of the US. How can this be.

And they seem to be regressing. I guess the dark ages are too attractive.

What arrogance these men have in thinking they have the right too control the lives of millions of woman.

Keep in mind, the majority of Americans are fine with a woman controlling her own body, it's the overly loud minority that keeps bringing this up. I think we are on the verge of a revolution, it's coming soon. America is waking up to what conservative Christians are really up to.

I hope you are right Neal. That would be fantastic. Look how the conservative Christians have almost destroyed the Republican party.

In the U.S. with the two pary system the top 0.!% probably took control of the religious party. The political parties/news media covering the horse rase  should allow for multiple parties. As it is there should be a Christian party seperate from a conservative (Republican) party. The parties have become so fragmented within because of the perceived and represented 'two party' system.  I agree with Trump that the political process is rigged and broken. That's about the only thing I agree with him about.


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