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Introducing the Patient’s Right to Know Act

by Neil Carter
Did you know that if you have ovarian cancer for which the treatment would cause sterility, healthcare facilities run by religious institutions will withhold specific types of chemotherapy and not tell you they even exist? The same goes for treatments of testicular cancer. Any course of treatment which renders a man unable to reproduce is strictly forbidden [Read More...]

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Yes Suzanna you are right when a healthy person gets ill he/she knows it wont last for long and they can get up and about as soon as they get better.

Where as people like us who have a long term illness have to grit there teeth and get on with life. But as you say some days are easier then others and on those bad days all you want to do is to go to bed and stay under the covers, but usually that doesn't last for long.

I am not normally an upbeat sort so I have to look for things to help me....jokes, cartoons, smart-ass remarks, whatever.

This may not work for levaty.

A guy I knew had testoscular cancer. The doctor remove his testical, but didn't put a  prosthesis in.  Poor guy walked in circles with the missing testicle.

My son in law died of testoscular cancer.

Having a tough time getting into a/u, & or responding to comments.

Not receiving email notices either.

Me either very intermittent emails notices and when they do arrive they are slow in coming.


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