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Not the first time. Another brave sane woman escapes the terror of her family who are beyond reason and sanity regarding how they treat their own daughter. This fanaticism still prevalent in the 21st century is truly frightening how so called intelligent beings fail by totally going mental when it comes to religion. In this case Islam. The religion of peace. As is claimed by its adherents. The right to self determination is an absolute and must never be compromised. She has the right to be what she chooses. Yet she fears for her life if she is forceably returned. Yet in so many legal jurisdictions these insane belief systems are enshrines as to be inviolable. Even when the free thinker's life is in fatal jeopardy. This surely cannot be legal. Yet it is politicians who have created this flawed enforcement.

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Deuteronomy--isn't this entity totally unhinged. words fail me when this deluded mentally vanquished hate filled psychopath is ever quoted. Sometimes I think he'd go well with Pol Pot.

Semitic Monotheism is one of the weirdest blights to infest humanity. The Torah -invented by misfits who were suffering from a delusion of through an inferior complex stuffed beyond sanity by their insufferable ego-inflation wrote up the imagined confabulated history of the Hebrews. As it never happened. I read Israeli experts on this so that if the chosen-exceptional superior people object they will have to argue among themselves. Anyway the Torah a book of horror and psychological dissolution perpetuates to this day an attitude beyond comprehension. Trust the Christians of course to pick the worst and put that into practice. Along comes Mohamed hears voices thinks its Gabriel another mental case then gets someone else to write it all down. Now I found this ancient book on the internet where, this in the 19th century the pundit explicitly has it on the authority of a Christian Syrian that it was the Jews who interpolated their ideas into to Koran. History is certainly not boring. Merely Insane.   


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