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Thu, 18 May 2017 09:15:44 EDT
U.S. President Donald Trump has lashed out at the appointment of a special counsel to investigate allegations that his campaign collaborated with Russia to sway the 2016 election, tweeting that it is "the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!"

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The mans an idiot. I would love to see how he would manage as an Atheist in Saudi Arabia

Kevin Drum has a good take on this matter

I missed President Trump's press conference this afternoon, but Josh Marshall sums it up for me:

The only real consistency in Trump’s remarks are that he did nothing wrong and his anger at whomever he’s angry at at that moment. Everything else is mutable and up for grabs. He’s mad, mad at everyone, mad at Comey, also mad at Rosenstein and he made that anger clear in something like a million ways during this brief performance.

That's our president. Mad at everybody, all the time—except himself. I wonder if he really lacks self-awareness so utterly that he has no idea he's the one causing all the chaos? Or that he almost certainly broke the law pretty seriously when he asked Comey to kill the Russia investigation? Is he that clueless?

Probably. Trump always thought the business world was a lot tougher than politics, so being president would be a breeze. That was a level of cluelessness that's truly mind-boggling. Leaving aside the fact that Trump never actually ran his business in any real sense of the word—and was never as successful as he thought he was—that world was patty-cake compared to big-league politics. In only a few months Washington DC has eaten him alive.

And the rest of the planet is even worse. Trump has already shown signs of being taken to the cleaners by foreign leaders, and this is almost certain to continue. That's because despite his big talk, he's never shown any real talent for negotiation. Dan Drezner makes the case here, and it's not pretty.

When does exaggeration--"a million ways"--destroy one's credibility?

"[Trump] made that anger clear in something like a million ways...."

The spoilt rotten brat isn't getting his way so its the big time whining, pouting, etc. I don't think people overseas are going to stand for this bs.

He has minions to do his business work, & likely thought being a country's leader was a big game, but reality is setting in & the poor little guy doesn't like it.

Narcissists can do no wrong, its always the other person's fault. Yes, they are that clueless.

There's one thing disagreeing with the idiot. But you are right Mrs.B. European Leaders have to take him seriously but they cant help but laugh at him.

Well my kids weren't that immature, even when they were kids!

Trump has learned how to make himself the alpha male in a group: create chaos, keep everyone else uncertain.

Will the GOP lose their fear of the Repubs who voted for him? If his supporters quit the Party, when will the GOP next win an election?

The GOP started its slide in the late 1950s when its Western conservatives and the far-right Birchers started expelling moderates. They called their own Party's President Eisenhower a communist sympathizer.


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