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many who are too lazy to do the hard yards in real research run to this site. I have deleted it from my browser. Finding verifiable information in this instant social media extravaganza is important. Otherwise we will revert to superstition and rumours via select leakage like that hero Mr Assange engages in.

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I don't know much - the neat thing is that astonomers are and conglomerating many radio and other telescopes to integrate them into a giant telescope.

Perhaps I may write that Seti is one of the first that organized individual computers to conglomerate individual computers to do the math to calculate complex and intergrate them.

That's kind of neat.

Integrating tha makes into a super computer.

I think it's interesting how biologists are also interested in computer science.

Physicists as well. 

Double Slit Experiment is interesting about Quantum physics.

Is it a wave - and a particle?

Double Slit.  Of course its a wave and particle.

yes yes yes so right

I tend to dislike wikipedia - Chaitic.

Perhaps university websites - WHO and the CDC are better resources.

Though as you  may know even with research funded by the government they have been confisgated by the congress to be spread out to corporations for discemination.  It seems to me that federal dollars for research and the papers should be available at the cost of printing.

That isn't the way it works though.

It upsets me to no end.

you guys do things differently we all know. corporations dictate with money. yet independent uni research even when wrong is right- like the transistor when first invented no one knew what to do with it---that is good uni research

Congress supporting private publishing companies where as they used to be printed at the university now requires consumers to purchase research papers  funded by the government that may cost up to $80 each.

There is something fundamently wrong with that.

National Institute of Health pappers NIH want to read it - pay 80$.  Try to get it in the local libray - good luck.

strewth! $$$$$ out of control

yet billions on the military. I know not only the US but still. try approaching the university or the dept of health and see if there is a direct download available. or try your member of parliament. see if they can find access somehow

I only use Wikipedia as a quick reference to refresh the memory paths of information that I already know but for science based subjects or historical I go elsewhere as the information is more reliable. 
For information that I want to learn something about I use the reference sources as a guide to other non-Wikipedia based information on the subject. Just like the bibliography in non-fiction books and text books. 


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