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Why Do Atheists in the US Pledge Allegiance When Doing So Attacks Atheism?

This case for removing those two words omits the most rational arguments, one of which tells of Depression-era fears of capitalists. If there's some interest I will add them.

In 1954 Congress added "under God" to distinguish America from the godless communist USSR.

Communism is all but dead, which leaves only godless folk (us) as targets.

Yet, the courts don't see the words as attacking non-belief.

Do we see them as attacking non-belief?

(Being paranoid isn't my thing. Being pissed off is.)

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Many skip the words, some make up their own, etc. The problem is not that adults are compelled to recite the bullshit, but that children are brainwashed into doing so. Yeah, I'm always pissed as well. =)

Millions of Communists around the don't see it as dead far from it, only the monolithic form practised in the Soviet Union is over. The CIA doesn't think its dead either it still spy's on CPs around the world, so maybe they [the USA] still need to distinguish themselves between those Godless commies and the pious USA.

but you think you've got it bad we in the UK have to sing God save the Queen when the National Anthem is sung, God and Queen, two things I'm against.     

You're right; we don't have it real bad.

We can vote a prez out; you have to assassinate.

In the Isle of Man we do God save the Queen and then the Manx national anthem which says "Oh land of our birth, oh gem of God's earth" A lot of the people here refuse to sing God save the Queen because it's English and they are Manx, it all get's a bit tribal sometimes.

Talking national anthems, the one here starts with asking god to bless this nation, something he doesn't seem to be doing and the believers don't seem to notice

Republican then, hey Stephen. 
So am I, Just want a flag that doesn't have the Union plurry Jack in the top left corner of our flag. 

Australia is an independent country and should have the flag of there liking, and as for the Monarchy isn't there still a diminishing majority to keep the Queen, i don't think it will be long before that changes. You already have an Anthem that doesn't mention God. I think Australia is heading in the right direction. 

The monarchy is still head of country that is why the Union plurry Jack is still on it. 
We had a referendum some years ago now but what they did was confused people by also putting how would we like the our president to chosen and that is what is the sticking point and so the referendum was defeated that time. The question should have been simply do we want to become a republic yes or no! Had it been done that way then the referendum would have been carried. 
There is a lot of people that are not happy with the present anthem as it was foisted upon us. Personally I do not like it because it is not us as a people as a whole.

here is the Wikipedia entry for the Anthem.

The Union Jack plurry or otherwise has been my country's flag for over four hundred years,  and even though I'm a republican and would like a flag without crosses, I refuse to be ashamed of the union flag, too many men and woman have died defending it including some very gallant Australians. [i don't know what plurry means]

personally i would prefer a Tricolour of some sort.  PS. If Scotland votes for independents the flag would have to be changed, maybe then we can get a flag more to everyone's liking.      

I am well aware of the History of your flag and it is your flag not ours and we would like see it removed because until it is removed though it may not be apparent it still reminds us that we are still a colony of your country. Therefore it stifles our feeling of full independence to make our own way in the world.
As an aside I do believe that we still are also helping to pay for your monarchy! 

Well if the Scots get their way this month then you will lose the cross of St Andrew from your flag. 
The Union Jack is actually the flag of Great Britain not England as the flag of England is actually a red centred cross on a white background. The Cross of St George.
To which the Cross of St Andrew and St Patrick were then added to it to show the union of three kingdoms England, Scotland and Ireland. 

As for plurry I use it instead of saying the infamous word in our language and yours "bloody" but and also the eff word when I am writing!

I agree its your right to have whatever flag you choose and you will.

But i sometimes think we are all to quick to shrug off our history just for symbolism.

Believe me there are worse countries to be a colony of then the UK, but gladly the days of colonies is over.  

Well for some Australians even the current Australian flag along with the Union Jack more than just a symbol of the country but a symbol of oppression, the destruction of their culture and heritage.
I personally have nothing to thank England, except for my Mother, for because due to England I was disinherited of my culture , my Grandmother's tongue, my heritage of the land. 
But I cannot change history nor can I disown my own mother as she is a descendant of England. 

To paraphrase the words of the song by the Irish Rovers "I'm caught between the awful colour of black and white" ( Orange and green). 


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