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"When You Turn an Election into a Three-Ring Circus, There's Always a Chance That ...

... the Dancing Bear Will Win."

So says Nancy Isenberg in her NYT Best Selling White Trash, The 400-Year History of Class in America.

And we do know which "bear" has the dancing candidate.

My family's first two generations in America. perhaps "addicted to work", moved us from a German peasant class into America's "shop keeper" class. While in college I knew I was leaving the class into which I'd been born but could not have verbalized what I was doing. Some of the youngest generation have made it to the professional class, but did they realize the American dream or an American nightmare of Manifest Destiny: world domination. Its costs in America are considerable.

Isenberg's two other solo ventures stir my interest, Fallen Founder: The Life of Aaron Burr and Sex and Citizenship in Antebellum America. I'll do White Trash first.

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As a Mut in the U.S. I'm proud that through diversity the U.S. has become a nation of diversity.

My Country (UK) is also diverse but its not united. The Diversity part of the equation is simple, unity is the hard part.

I understand the thought. My grandfathers on both sides immigrated from Norway. Construction and labor on one side, crazy on the other. Regardless, it was my generation, cousins, siblings, who entered into the white collar workforce. Yet, that work ethic that came on one side of the family helped them move into the middle class by the end of their lives. 

My lineage is also largly from Norway (Danish), English and Scottish.

My great grandmother used to make ebelsiver's and of course danish pasteries for breakfast.

Another large part of the lineage is Croat (Croatian)

Who knows what happened in the wood pile. Through the wars and conflicts many family members were raised by French.   It depends upon how far back you go back into time. For me it may be Brittany, Norman going back further Roman and of course Arfrican.

I wonder how in depth some of the genetic testing goes. Does it even matter?

I hear people say they are middle class to which I argue they most likely aren't. The U.S. is supposted to be free of class structure. I also hear people say they are capitalists. Most people don't have clue what that means. My cousin says he's a capitalist. He's a retired Air Force pilot.

A capitalist is someone who's income is from investment.

Playing off of the chart and video above contributes to the three ring circus. The objective for politicians is to make everyone feel like they are middle class and the poor are taking their tax dollars while becoming 'upper class' is just within reach.

Most people are clueless and sorry to pick on my retired fighter air force pilot cousin he's not a capitalist. That's what he fought for though.

The political game is to make people think they are within reach of wealth.
Weath to me means that you have a private chef, gardener, driver, nanny, and others who cater to your every need on staff as full time employees (servants).

It saddens me to see people playing lottery games with a dream that they will become wealthy.

Sure some manage to become wealthy on their own. "The Don" who only received a $13 million dollar loan from his dad is somone who was born on third base thinking he hit a tripple. People who think that guy has any idea what it's like to work for a living and will help them by his motto "Make America Great Again" are clueless.

Making America Great Again should include reconstituting the Federal Tax rate to what it was historically ie. in the 1950's for example where at the time an income of over $200,000 was taxed at 91%.

One of the best reasons to do that is that it would entice wealth to be reinvested in building business. As it is with all the extra wealth some have they play by investing in, or should I say contributing to politiciians, lobbyists, and etcetera.

Great video Chris. Really makes you think. Those figures are unsustainable. There has to be some change in the system.

I don't think anyone cares, or cares to know.

Chris, you've shown that you care.

Sanders showed us that the Democratic establishment carefully prevents change.

Madman Trump continues to show us that the Republican establishment is doing the same.

As terrible as it may seem it's still better to have a Democratic Republic as terrible as that is.

As I posted previously it would be better if each eligable voter was able to contribue ~$500 for every and each election, or campain of their choosing then one dollar per vote would provide equality.

By that I mean don't allow the Koch Bro's and such to control the campain dollars.

I don't think the avereage person has enough time or experience to decide what to vote on.

Mc Carthy would probabley call me a communist.

Chris, it would be better to have a democratic republic, but the Democratic and Republican Establishments won't allow it. (Note the bold face "d".)

If enough people in the 32 states that don't have the direct initiative would set out to get it, they could take their party establishments out of the game.

California has the direct initiative and voters take the party establishments out of the game any time enough of us want to. (Seventeen other states also have it.)

I don't think the avereage person has enough time or experience to decide what to vote on.

McCarthy fertilized his burial site decades ago. And you're not a communist; you're a pessimist.

I'd like to think I'm a realist. A friend says I'm a Whistle Blower.

No wonder I'm (figuratively) deaf.

It's sometimes realistic to be pessimistic.

Chris, a dining room chat several years ago sent me to a dictionary to learn how cynicism differs from pessimism. The result?

Spectrum 1: Views of the future

Optimism- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Pessimism

Spectrum 2: Views of people's motivations

Idealism- - - - - - - -Realism- - - - - - - -Cynicism

However, there are two views of the purpose of dictionaries:

How words have been used- - - - -How words shall be used

Democratic- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Authoritarian



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