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When did the angels get their wings?

This photo could be taken from any church in Rome but it is not, it is from Iran and the date is: Sassanids era(224-651 BCE) the location is called Tagh-e Bostan.

The Sassanid kings chose a sensational setting for their rock reliefs Taghe-e-Bostan, four miles northeast of Kermanshah. A sacred spring gushes forth from a mountain cliff and empties into a large reflecting pool. In winter, the entire scene is shrouded in mist and clouds. [1]

Therefore, this is from an era that precedes Christianity yet this winged Angel that float in heavens is a typical Hollywood image that you see in many movies yet no one Question its origin.

let us try to analyze the word Angel from an etymological point of view

From an etymological point of view:

In English: Angel (n):

"one of a class of spiritual beings, attendants and messengers of God," a c. 1300 fusion of Old English engel (with hard -g-) and Old French angele. Both are from Late Latin angelus, from Greek angelos, literally "messenger, envoy, one that announces," in the New Testament "divine messenger,"

In Ancient Hebrew: מַלְאָךְ (pronounced: mal-akh): Messenger One who bears a message or runs an errand. Walks for another.[3]



In Arabic:ملك : a word that don’t follow any Arabic word formation rules and it is identical to the Hebrew word מַלְאָךְ.

The Torah uses the (Hebrew) terms מלאך אלהים (mal'āk̠ 'ĕlōhîm; messenger of God), מלאך יהוה (mal'āk̠ YHWH; messenger of the Lord) to refer to beings traditionally interpreted as angels. Later texts use other terms, such as העליונים (hā'elyônîm; the upper ones).


The term מלאך (mal'āk̠) is also used in other books of the Tanakh. Depending on the context, the Hebrew word may refer to a human messenger or to a supernatural messenger. A human messenger might be a prophet or priest


Scholar Michael D. Coogan notes that it is only in the late books that the terms "come to mean the benevolent semi divine beings familiar from later mythology and art.[4]

The first Angels/messengers in the Bible were the three Angels who came to Abraham at this time in History they were normal men with no super powers:

“He lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, three men were standing in front of him. When he saw them, he ran from the tent door to meet them and bowed himself to the earth” (Genesis 18:2)

Only after the Babylonian Captivity in 605 BCE that the Jews came into close contact with the winged figures in the Sasanian Empire that these ordinary messengers became winged and had demi-god features










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I always thought about this as a Muslim thinking,"Nowhere in the bible does it say angels have wings,In fact in the bible Abraham thought the angels that came to him were humans,the same goes with the angels in the tomb of Christ"

exactly angels mean messengers , only after the jews came into contact with Babylon they gave the angels their wings

My understanding is that  Muslums don't depict images of humans in Mosques.  I respect them for that.

Jesus is an artifact of the myth and imagination.

Semantics in that area typically look(d) like the following image.

I dispise the expression on the face of the dipiction.


Figuratively (not literally)   Babylon - Go East  of Bablon and see what an angel is on a road in parts of the Asian contentnt.  Including China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Persia (Iran),  Saudia Arabia.

Don't want to go to the politics surrunding some of it?

Don't blame you I don't either.

Probably should study linguistics and or anthropology.

When did an angel get wings - Perhaps when Frank Capra expressed the banking crisis in the movie

It's a wonderful Life.

When did Santa Clause look like a Coca Cola Advertizement?


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