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What do you read for your source of news. What media outlets. My favorites are the Financial times, the Banker( not well known. Sometimes CNN. I also read arrticles from other media but only when someone sends me the link. I read the globe and mail newspaper for Canadian news, but I dont go to their website. What are your media habits. How do you get informed on matters?

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my papers Guardian, Indipendent,Morning Star,

TV. BBC news, Al-Jazeera, and RT.

ones i never read or watch is News international and sky news unless i have to.

oh yes i forgot i get my most importent news and information from people down the PUB.

That's where I get most of mine as well! heh.

TV = BBC first thing in the morning; Rachel Maddow in the evening; Jon Stewart, Bill Maher (the latter two I use as flags for interesting & overlooked stories) 

Twitter = many news feeds (e.g. Reuters, NYT, more BBC) individual reporters, media watchers (e.g. Women's Media Center), science feeds (e.g. NASA, USGS, NOAA)

My morning rag is usually torn up by the neighbors dog.

I'm sure glad I get a chance to read it though.

Thinking the NYT's  let down news sources and is failing in confidentiality. - leading to the Guardian.

An example of what's wrong with the NYT's:  More Mainstream snark over NSA sharing info with Israel

As we noted yesterday, the New York Times doesn’t think it’s news that the National Security Agency is sharing intelligence data it collects on Americans with Israel. 

More Here

The list of reasons to read the NYT's with skepticism is long. You only know about the malfeasance if you read other sources. The article Who Blocked Syrian Peace Talks?  from Consortium News covers this well.

 FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting) is a good source for media criticism and new. It often reports NYT's errors.

This is a great topic. Because it allows us to see what feeds the others.


Sorry I jumped the gun on this Michael. The G/D circadian rhythm takes hold though.

And the crickets - you know.

The Guardian has to take the lead. Of course there is always


 or Reader supported news.


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