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What do you read for your source of news. What media outlets. My favorites are the Financial times, the Banker( not well known. Sometimes CNN. I also read arrticles from other media but only when someone sends me the link. I read the globe and mail newspaper for Canadian news, but I dont go to their website. What are your media habits. How do you get informed on matters?

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For news, I read the NYT daily (I have their app on my iPad, I love it, very user friendly). I also read the Guardian, Le Monde, La Repubblica and El Pais, but I don't get to them daily, though I get updates from them, sent to my iPad.  

I love The New Yorker and have a subscription to it, I read it on my iPad and in hard copy as well. 

For political commentary, I read The Nation, and Alternet occasionally, and numerous blogs if I see interesting links, mostly from my tweeps. I like Twitter a lot, actually, but one needs to be selective on who to follow, of course. 

Hey, I'm a liberal atheist bastard. I watch MSNBC of course. =)

No MSNBC where I'm at now, so if the tv is on it is CNN. I read the New York Times, sine my Nook was free if I subscribed for a year. With all the information available on the net, I seem to gather most of my data from there. So so many. Think Progress, Alternet, Americans United, Media Matters, Richard Dawkins Foundation, New Humanist, Slate, Maddow, Mother Jones, American Humanist, etc.

Then of course one subject sites like the Michigan Dems, Planned Parenthood and on and on and on.

Stay away from some of those sites, they'll warp your mind.

All my news is from twitter. I follow the economist, CNN blogs, local newspapers and anything someone brings to my notice that i am interested in

Excellent question!

No newspaper for me.

For international news: Al-Jazeera, BBC News, the French news outlets (they cover Africa)

For US News: CNN & Rachel Maddow =) (MSNBC is not really news)

For Canadian news: CBC (French and English)

But most of my info I get from the Interwebs.

I forgot, of course, The Comedy Network (the Canadian version of Comedy Central): Stewart & Colbert. Their analysis of the news is usually spot-on, and, oddly enough, they have the rare US TV shows that actually talk about and promote books.

I went for irritatingly liberal sources, but information comes from everywhere.

For my news on science, I get my "Fix" on AU. =)

I think when it comes to politics, I get a pretty good compilation right here as well. 

for africa. I'd follow this.

I find the best news, political commentary that offers you both sides while keeping their opinion silent. You have to pay for. Why I like the etc. the banker comes in at a stiff 1000 USD a year -.- FT is only about 500 USD a year. Simply for the privilege to read it. I wish they would make it free. 

I forgot to add: I don't watch much TV but if i watch news, I watch MSNBC while I'm cooking dinner. If I catch it i watch the BBC News or Al Jazeera English. 

Most of my news I get from reading newspapers or news blogs online, rarely TV.

I get my news from various sources but mainly from the BBC world News, DW-TV , as well as Ukrainian & Russian news on TV. The ABC-au, SBS-au, BBC, Seven news through Yahoo, and then any other source that has an item that grabs my attention, including items that are out my normal interests.

I read newspapers that are written in English when I come across them here!

I'm not interested in the financial world..

But, I read the news from websites like; Al-Jazeera, CNN and BBC.

There are no media of my choice as strange might it seem. I liked the Newyorker and the Atlantic.  Sometimes I get news from the local paper "le Soleil" but more often than not I don't really know where I get my news from... the internet, from friends, ? whatever  I'm surely the less educated person on news in this site !



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