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Atheism requires people who question what authority says.

I first questioned that "Turn the other cheek" stuff. The nuns said it so many times that I finally realized I have only two cheeks. "No one will get a second cheek," I told myself.

After a hitch in the Navy I started college. One trip to the natural history museum made me okay with evolution. When I quit religion I was studying math and science and, my time limited, I settled for agnosticism. I realized that I'm responsible for choosing a purpose in life and finished college. I found work I enjoyed and didn't again have time to think on the matter until after I retired.

One day another retired man volunteered that the thought of dying didn't bother him. He asked if I had any thoughts on the subject and I realized that in fifty years no lightning bolts had struck near me. I decided it was time to leave the agnostic closet and told him I was an atheist.

It was that easy.

What does atheism require of you?

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Nice one Tom. I too have had it easy most of my life when it comes to being an Atheist. My background and family have all been supporters of the Labour Party and labour movement so me being an Atheist came quite naturally.


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