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Canadian Atheist has posted a new item, 'What do Canadians think is important for being Canadian?'  

Pew Research Centre recently released the results of a group of surveys asking respondents worldwide a question about what “national identity” requires. Canada was included in their results.

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Interesting article Mrs.B.

[Chart showing data from the 2017-02-01 Pew survey, specifically on the question of how important being Christian is to national identity, comparing US and Canadian results.]

Well done Canada. It shows you how out of sync the USA is with the other western country's

Yes, I thought it was well worth posting.

Here's a youtube video

Top 10 Most/Least Religious States in America

I don't know what prayer means. Is that when people talk to the god spot in their brain?

the video isn't an accurate survey of religion in the U.S. the PEW survey of religion of religion presents better statistics.

San Francisco CA U.S.A. has 35% as Unaffilated (Religious "nones")

What Are Most & Least Religious Countries?

Published on Apr 14, 2015

Cenk Uygur ( host of The Young Turks discusses a newly released study that shows the least religious countries and what that may mean.

"Gallup International and WI Network of Market Research conducted over sixty thousand interviews world wide to determine which countries are the least religious. While there is a litany of reasons as to why a country may not be very religious and the results may vary its important to remember that ultimately statistics are worthless and are more of an interesting thing to think about more so than anything of real value. It's also important to remember that correlation does not always mean causation nor vise versa. It's just an interesting survey. But it is interesting that less religion usually means a more developed country."

What do you make from the results of the study? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Read more here:

"The most important question that wasn’t asked is the one that became a hot political issue in Québec three years ago, and is now at issue again in the federal Conservative leadership race. That is the question of how important shared values are, and precisely which values need to be shared to be Canadian.

There aren’t really any major surprises in the results – at least not for those who study these kinds of attitudes and values surveys frequently. Canadians seem to value shared language and shared customs and traditions much more so than being born in Canada or having the “right” faith, but all of these things are much more important to older, less educated, politically right-wing Canadians than to younger, more educated, left-leaning Canadians. Broadly speaking, Canadians seem generally more tolerant of allowing different people “into the fold” than most other countries. It might seem a bit disappointing that 34% of Canadians think being Christian is very or somewhat important to being Canadian… but bear in mind two things: First, 67% of Canadians are Christian, so only half of them think that being Christian actually matters to being Canadian. And more importantly, a whopping 45% said being Christian was not at all important… a clear plurality, and just shy of a majority."

Value_(ethics) from wikipedia

Value and ethics trancend culture and language.

What does Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, think about climate change?

Is his value that immediate job protection is more important for wealth than the long term health of the country and plant?


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