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Violence in Motion

Notions of violence coming from the Christian right if Trump is impeached, and actual violence from the right and the left, seems to be a thing these days. The continued rants from our insane president are apparently having an effect on our basic moral fiber as a country. The racist nonsense walks hand in hand with the rising tide of hate crimes. We withdraw from the world leaving China to take over our leadership, and even our geopolitical strategies are in peril as China moves into countries that we have withdrawn from. Disregarding science and embracing pretend is this administration’s mantra. America is failing.

Disgraced felon Jim Bakker is crowing about Christians starting a second civil war if President Trump is impeached. Pretty doubtful that the faithful are going to rally around this ass wipe, but still another example of the Conservative Christian right once again blatantly exposing their lack of morals. Evangelical leaders all over are on Trump’s side, the insane being followed by the insane. Televangelist Paula White, a prosperity pastor which is just another name for shyster, states Trump has been raised to the position by God. 

According to the religious right, Trump is God’s chosen and we should all bend a knee. If that doesn’t trouble you, there’s plenty of Trump’s horrors to choose from. 

White nationalists are showing their faces, feeling the immunity granted them by our racist-in-chief. There are over nine-hundred white nationalist groups in America according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a number that has been rising quickly through President Obama’s administration, and racing up with President Trump. As White Nationalists try to grab the spotlight, AntiFa is gearing up as well. Violence from both sides will continue, Anti-Fascist organizations have been around since the 1920s-1930s, and will always rise up to meet the threat. 

Here is the problem. Media is trying to equalize the groups, just like the president in the aftermath of Charlottesville. And this has been a constant discussion on many social networks, one that is argued back and forth without being resolved. White Nationalists are racists, not much more. Their existence stands for European purity and if they had the numbers we’d be Nazi Germany in a heartbeat. AntiFa only exists because of this, and without Nazis parading around they’d disappear. 

Here is the debate about hate being met with violence. One side argues that when Nazis rally that we should not counter-protest in the same area. They should not be met with violence because it gives them a stage. The other side believes every day should be “punch a Nazi” day. AntiFa groups failed in stopping the rise of the Third Reich due to the fact they were, as now, a small group. Without the support of the populace, they can not stop the rise of fascism. 

So this is it, is it better to hold opposing protests away from the White Nationalist protests, or to directly confront them? This is a debate that’s been going on since Charlottesville, confront or ignore. I will admit that I’m into punching Nazis, I’m an aggressive guy. I look at every move towards an authoritarian government and it is worrisome. I’m on the side that thinks if you sit back, stay out of the fray, that we’ve lost. I’m in the minority of friends and family when this discussion comes up, and I have no doubt that the argument being presented to me is valid, it just hasn’t convinced me. I still have the too-oft repeated quote, “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out,” playing over and over in my head,


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Hmph....I thought problems went away by ignoring 'em....


I recently took a health survey poll.  One of the questions was about my race. 

I don't remember all of the races they included - Pacific Islander, African American, Asian, or White.

I objected to the term "White" saying "Caucasian" is more appropriate.  

At the turn of the century in the U.S. Irish, Italians, Slovics, Polis, and other 'Breeds", especially if the country of origin were mainly Catholic were considered undesirable.  

Eugenics didn't originate in Nazi Germany - it originated in the U.S. and went on into the 1970's.   

Through the 1970's in the U.S. people viewed as undesirable had forced sterilization. People in prisons in the U.S. had tests for venereal disease and for exposure to radiation.

The Smithsonian museum had bounties on American indigenous people into the late 1800's to study 'anthropology'

I'd argue "White Supremacy" is a part of U.S. culture

Maybe that's why "The Don" is so popular.  Though I wouldn't call him a populist any more that I would call Adolf a populist.

Populist definition: a member or adherent of a political party seeking to represent the interests of ordinary people.

Here's an interesting viewpoint of Populists.

What is a Populist?

If the "Don" wrote in Haiku his twits may be interesting.

Hopefully the Don will be the last "twit" president.


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