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Trump's Christian Nation

A couple of months into the fray and number forty-five is losing some support, but most are still hanging on. I'm not talking about the trolls in every live political broadcast on whatever social media you may be on, they're only there to rile up the base. I'm talking about the average guy on the street. The people you know, the people I'd go have a beer with, they're here and they're staying. 

It would take a colossal error on the president's part to turn them away. We've seen it. He can be racist, misogynist, bullying, a liar; they don't care. If he cashes a check directly from Putin, maybe they'll pay attention. Other than that, they remain loyal to the cause. There will be a push back when their health care is taken away, but they've lived without it before. There will be a pushback when the promised jobs and security don't start popping up around the country, but that isn't a change, they've lived without that as well. 

His fake religion has them enamored, and of course, religious leaders do not care if Trump is religious or not, God has worked through horrible people before. They believe God will lead Trump to do all the wretched acts they want. Abortion? Yeah, we will defund Planned Parenthood. LGBTQ community? Fuck them. The Evangelicals are riding high, cabinet picks are mostly religious fanatics. Devos will bring back God into schools through voucher programs that will defund public education. Sessions will make sure that the religious right stays in power. SCOTUS pick Gorsuch will make abortion illegal. Trump has promised to repeal the Johnson amendment so churches can become in essence PACs. The Christian Right is finally in control, they own every house.

Apparently, a third of this country is very afraid of immigration. This doesn't mean they're worried about terrorism so much, although there's that. It's more about jobs. The left states no one wants the menial jobs that many immigrants do, and ignore the fact that there are a lot of immigrants in the tech fields which are good jobs. Possibly the same third of the country that will do anything for their president are afraid of becoming a minority, of not being in control of their country any longer. They are unable to see all of us as Americans, only as white, brown, black, etc. 

Nah, just the Christian Right using the fear of Islam to grab all the power for themselves.

There are some people who work with their minds, some with their hands, some with their backs. Some look down their nose at scholars and find education useless, some look at the barely skilled laborers with distaste. it's a genetic thing, something none of us can control. But again, we are all different, and to be a leader of the country you need all of us or at least a majority. 

But again, Trump has the godly in his pocket. They see him as a savior when it comes to bringing God into every aspect of our lives. He doesn't need approval ratings, the rantings of the religious right drown out the voices of reason.

Donald is hurting. He has the smallest approval rating of any incoming president, and it's getting worse, not better. That's why he's so crazy about announcing his win everywhere he goes no matter what the subject at hand is. He feels he cannot lead unless he gets rid of, or marginalizes, the intelligentsia. It's probably too late to appease them. When you've tossed around ideas of creating a register for university professors you're not going to win their support, ever. When you censor government scientists you've lost another large crowd.

The Christian Right hates education, we do not need science, we have God bitches. Trump has no need of scientists.

Although anecdotal, I do talk to many conservatives, heck, I'm surrounded by them. I ask one gentleman if he watched Trump's first press conference. He replied he didn't. I told him about one reporter asking him if he was going to consult with the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus), about his plan for urban areas. 

“Am I going to include who?” he asked.

“Are you going to include the Congressional Black Caucus,” Ryan, who is black, asked, “and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus as well as …?”

“Well, I would,” Trump interrupted. “Tell you what, do you want to set up the meeting? Do you want to set up the meeting? Are they friends of yours? Set up a meeting.”

Ryan pointed out to the president that she is a journalist and that, while she does know members of the CBC, that’s not her role. “I’m sure some of them are watching right now,” she added.

The CBC had sent him a letter looking for a conversation mid-January, but Trump never responded. As I'm telling the story, I see a smile growing on my conservative friend's face that turns into a chuckle. He loves the story. Doesn't see the racism - all black people know each other, right? - nor does he see the bamboozle, he finds it a strong response to those smart-ass reporters trying to pin his hero down. He sees someone wielding power like he would.

He's also religious, and we should all be forced to be just like him.

I think conservatives like watching those liberal elitists take a punch. They are tired of the growing "political correctness" that liberals seem to push, I'm tired of the shit myself. Instead of being revolted when House leader Ryan starts mouthing off about the "nanny" state, liberals should define what a safety net is so everyone understands the importance of Social Security and Medicare, but they don't. Conservative friends hear "nanny state" and think all their capital is going to immigrants and minorities when in reality it is rural whites that use the programs the most. Sometimes I think conservatives are isolated from the world, they have no connection to the teeming billions of humans on the planet, just family, and friends.

They have a connection, Christianity, but only their brand of the cult. 

This administration is a scam. Four thousand positions need to be filled, over five-hundred need congressional approval, yet he leaves them empty. He states that "many of those jobs, I just don't want to fill." Fire all the remaining U.S. Attorney Generals in one fell sweep without any plan to fill, or any orderly transition is chaos. Firing all the experienced state department heads, and not replacing any, again is not only chaotic but disturbing. Tillerson barely speaks, does not take questions from the press, and apparently is in control of everything that is the state department. Trump's children being part of the government has to raise eyebrows. 

But if you want absolute power that doesn't sound horrible to the American people, you have to cloak it, disguise it, make it not about dictatorships or authoritarian rule, make it a Theocracy where it is the will of God that we accept.

The chorus of Russian involvement is loud. The ties are being uncovered. Yet, even if it is found that Russians did corrupt our elections, that Trump is looking for authoritarian power - "Trump will not be questioned" - will any of this wake up his hard-core followers? I don't think so. My none racist conservative friends are racist but don't think they are. My misogynist conservative friends do not believe they are. No communication can be had when we do not define the terms we use in politics so that the left and right can negotiate. 

Alt-facts mean as much as reality, dreams and fantasy are more real than life, fear and prejudice are held in higher esteem than acceptance of diversity. Religion has taken control of our governance. An authoritarian/theocrat has been elected who seems to be tirelessly working to increase his power by eliminating the checks and balances a democracy survives on. It's God's will.

We're fucked.


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Most of our Canadian news now is about scump, either directly or indirectly. Seems like more than a couple of months!

We can see nothing good or right about the idiot, & he's affecting all of us, whether we like it or not.

Like Mrs.B. it seems more than a couple of months already. It seems to me that the TV media in the UK are tiring of the stupid Trump news, but that's dangerous already because they are ignoring the gaffs and inane remarks of the 45th pres.   

This will escalate quickly. There is a problem that needs to be dealt with, but I fear atheists, like the general public, are sitting back and waiting for someone else to stop the insanity. 

Someday atheists may take the lead in rejecting those who corrupt our common humanity. Apparently, that time has not arrived except in isolation.

That's what we've said, the protests are there, but just aren't big enough yet.

We have protests here, & that isn't even our country!

Everyone is still suffering from the aftereffects of the continuous gaslighting. Once we get past the confusion we can take a stand. 

liars and lies. 

Living in Trumpistan is like living in dog years. He has not even been president 50 days and it seems a lifetime already.

How much do you remember from Trump's first 50 days in office? – quiz

I think he is a disaster waiting to happen, if it hasn't happened yet. 

Alternative facts. My favorite insanity - Conway came up with Obama spying on Trump using a microwave. This is insane.

That, my friend, is a new low. What is it with these people.

Most of his supporters are unlikely to see anything wrong with their hero until maybe he does something that affects them individually, till then, everyone else stays fucked!



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